Duluth, you’re on the air with Vic Damone

As further illustration of PDD’s ridiculous fascination with any reference to Duluth in popular American culture, here’s a clip from last night’s David Letterman monologue on The Late Show.



about 9 years ago

Speaking of ridiculous fascination with Duluth references, I watched The Mighty Ducks the other day for the first time since I was a kid, and I noticed the goalie in the flashback scene of the coach's missed penalty shot is wearing a Duluth East jersey.


about 9 years ago

Some of us are late to the party. I didn't know there was a ridiculous fascination about Duluth in the media revolving around PDD.

I think it's just people stretching their ego a little, but in a good way. People from Duluth think they deserve a little recognition and they actually get it, not always in a good way, but in a cool way (pun not intended).


about 9 years ago

There's an academic named Scott Newstrom who's been in the process of writing a book on Duluth references in popular culture. After I made RETURN TO DULUTH, he contacted me a couple times over the years to see if I'd heard anymore references and to fill me in on the book's progress. Last I heard from him, it sounded like the book was nearing completion.


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