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This fall, Lake Voice News has been going stronger than ever. With each writer pursuing different interests and publishing at least one story a week, we have gathered a lot of different content. A few highlights from this past issue include:


Photo credit: Kim Hyatt

1. On Veteran’s Day, two ROTC cadets stood at attention watching the flag outside UMD, undeterred by freezing weather. Kim Hyatt covers the full story behind their watch, as well as a following up with more information about the 24 hour watch that occurred. Click here for the ROTC cadets, and click here for the follow up.

2. Kevin Johnson sold illegal substances in Duluth for 20 years, until he was caught in 2011. Since then, he has made major changes in his life. Now, he is fighting to house the homeless population and make a better life for those who have similar circumstances here. Read Daniel Badhwa’s full story.


Photo credit: Daniel Badhwa

3. Daniel also covered CHUM’s celebration of their fortieth year of service. 293 people were in attendance, with some traveling from the Twin Cities, to discuss and celebrate people helping other people in life together. The full article can be found here.


4. Tony Schmitt discusses climate change in the Duluth area. He breaks down the information into easy to read pieces, allowing those of us with less scientific minds to follow along. He includes information from Hilarie Sorensen at Minnesota Sea Grant, along with a full presentation of the information. Find the full article here.


Photo courtesy of Christian Haugen

5. With winter bearing down on us, the cost of heating our homes is something everyone loves to complain about. To help out, Irene Hanson has gathered four easy, do it yourself ways to keep your home warmer and your wallet happier this year. Click here to DIY.


6. Lastly, Brittney Bloch created a list of five activities that will keep you and your family and friends outside and active this winter. With the chilly weather setting in, keeping fit is harder to do. This way, you can have fun with it and have a reason to put your cheaper heat to use. Read up on winter activities here.

Lake Voice News is a student run publication focused on bridging the gap between UMD students and the Duluth community. We work together each week to publish original, student-produced content that affects the community and its members. We also accept content from community members; you can find our submission guidelines here.

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