Native Duluthian Don LaFontaine was inspiration for the movie, In a World…

In a world where the greatest freshwater lake on the planet laps up on the shore of the Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas, there is now showing a movie that was inspired by the career of a native son – and nobody around here seems to notice. The movie is now showing at the downtown Zinema Theater. Check out Jim Heffernan’s Blog to get a run down about the movie, some good links to learn more about La Fontaine and to hear “the Voice of God.” And by the way … it’s a perfect movie.



about 11 years ago

I've heard plenty about this movie, but this is the first time I've heard that LaFontaine was a Duluthian.

Tony D.

about 11 years ago

Well then, Mr. Ramos, you haven't bee keeping up with your Duluth history on Zenith City Online. Don was last November's "Forgotten Duluthian." Read David Ouse's expanded bio of LaFontaine here: 

Don LaFontaine, Duluth's 'Voice of God'



about 11 years ago

Tony's ZCO did indeed have a nice bio of La Fontaine's Duluth roots and that link is on Jim's blog post. But it was interesting that when we saw the movie, no one in the theater we talked to seemed to connect the movie and LaFontaine to Duluth. So it was fitting to make that connection to this wonderful movie to Duluth's LaFontaine. It's just a wonderfully done comedy and Lake Bell, a 34 year-old wonder was the writer, director and star of the movie. Every actor in this film was perfect. Hope you all go to see the film and when you do... just realize what an influence our own native son, La Fontaine, commanded.


about 11 years ago

Watch this, it's all kinds of awesome:


about 11 years ago

BadCat... totally awesome!

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

The first post about LaFontaine being from Duluth on PDD was by Jon Swanson back in 2007.

LaFontaine's death was noted by Barrett Chase in a 2008 post.

Other than that there have only been a few odd references to the Voice of God on PDD until now, which is a little odd, because he's ... you know, the Voice of God.

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