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You think you're the slickest operator in Duluth


But being the slickest operator in Duluth is kind of like being the world's tallest midget if you ask me.

Check out the Leatherheads trailer.


that line makes no sense. the tallest midget in the world is still the world's number-one midget. numero uno. if the line was "being the slickest operator in duluth is kind of like being the tallest midget in fargo," then i'd be on board.

fuckin' hollywood.

Do you think it was weird for Don LaFontaine to do this voiceover? A paycheck's a paycheck, I guess....

Duluth MN, or Duluth GA? There wasn't enough snow in the previews to be MN...

It's Duluth, Minnesota. (You know, we do have a few months here, even in the fall, when there is no snow on the ground...).

The movie's script, by Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly, is based on the 19226-27 Duluth Eskimos football team, but of course it's Hollywood and a self-proclaimed "screwball comedy" so they changed the name of the team and players--and added Zellweger to create a love triangle.

If you want to know where history and Hollywood collide, go here: http://www.x-communication.org/xcomm/books/leatherheadsmovie.html

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