Around the time Wesley Willis died …

From the August 2003 Perfect Duluth Day archives:

  • The B-52s cancel a Duluth show due to lack of ticket sales.
  • Starfire endorses Greg Gilbert for mayor and plots to cover Enger Tower in bedsheets.
  • Ca-chee recalls her days as a bad ass in shop class at “Ordeal” Junior High.
  • Dirty Knobs vs. Duluth, Minnesota is released
  • More skinny dipping.
  • Godsey drinks excessively.

PDD is more than ten years old now, and most of you reading it today are not familiar with how it was back in the day. So, when we link to 2003 material it seems only polite to repeat the following:

It was a time when Facebook didn’t exist and the word “blog” was still a year away from being named Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year.

PDD was used among a small group of friends when it started and was supported by a different publishing platform (Blogger). The archives are getting sloppier all the time as more and more of the images that were hosted on other sites disappear and old websites that were linked to die off.

Blogger didn’t support commenting in those days, but there were comments on PDD, supported by a company that went out of business years ago, which means all the comments from those posts on Blogger are long lost.

For those of you who were part of PDD back then, there is enough left in the archives to spark old memories of the way it was. The rest of you might be confused. Even we can’t remember what some of that stuff was about.



about 10 years ago

I know I wasn't around in the beginning - joined a couple years later. I remember member profiles were fun to read along with the posts and comments.

It's sad to say that I am no further in my technological advances than I was back then! I'm no longer a hunt-and-peck typist, yet I still have no picture posting or linking abilities in my PDD vocab -- I've alluded to a site and the wonderful moderators have done their magic behind the scenes for me. 

What PDD has done for Duluth is respected and appreciated!


about 10 years ago

Don't any women skinny dive?


about 10 years ago

They do, but they hide as soon as a camera comes out.


about 10 years ago

Good grief. I am not proud.

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