Proclamation (official and certified)

Whereas, the only logical way to make an official proclamation regarding PDD is to post it on the PDD site, and

Whereas, there is ten years worth of history that is both well-documented and too boring to include in an already too boring proclamation, and

Whereas, the founders of PDD are personally responsible for the loss of literally thousands of hours of workplace productivity across all sectors of the local economy, and

Whereas, PDD has established itself as the premier source of  local popular culture history, random yet thoughtful observations, hipster complaints, and band promotions, and

Whereas, Perfect Duluth Day has become a common phrase in the local lexicon, used to describe those days that are 70, sunny, a cool breeze off the lake, a ton of great community events through the day, and a huge TBT concert at Bayfront to end the day.  You know, those sort of days, and

Whereas, PDD is first and foremost about community and the contributions by the thousands of people who follow, post, and celebrate the uniqueness of the city we call home, and

Whereas, PDD is an important part of our community, our lives, and our connection to this place.  Everyone who has contributed over the past decade should take great pride in what it has been and what it has become.  Congratulations on ten great years!

Therefore, I, Don Ness, Mayor of the City of Duluth, to hereby proclaim, June 29th, 2013 as


in the City of Duluth


Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Clearly this proclamation was influenced by a bologna sandwich.

Cory Fechner

about 11 years ago


Dave P

about 11 years ago

With the weather finally breaking for the better and the PP Art Fair and Rhubarb Fest in full swing, this was a perfect Perfect Duluth Day Day.


about 11 years ago

Or Cocaine Paul?

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Herzog, go eat a bologna sandwich.


about 11 years ago

I totally don't get the bologna sandwich???

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