PDD Shop Talk: Duluth’s Duluthiest website celebrates 21 years

On Saturday, June 29, Perfect Duluth Day will be 21 years old. Because the anniversary falls on a day loaded with events, we’ve decided to loosely piggyback on one of them and hold our little birthday party on Park Point Beach as the Park Point Art Fair wraps up. We hope you’ll join us.

Here’s the who-what-when-where-why:

Who: People who enjoy the Perfect Duluth Day website.

What: A party on the beach. We probably won’t play Beach Blanket Bingo, but, you know, perhaps something in that spirit will take place. There might be cake or something. Someone might get buried in the sand. An army of hoola hoopers could storm the beach at any moment.

When: Saturday, June 29, from 5 p.m. until someone knocks over the canopy.

Where: Park Point Beach near the Park Point Beach House. See party location in map below.

Why: To celebrate Perfect Duluth Day’s 21 years of being Duluth’s Duluthiest website.

Other considerations: We hope you’ll come down early and check out the Park Point Art Fair. Don’t barge into the Public Beach House; there will be a wedding reception there, as usual. That’s a private party, so if you need to pee use the portable toilets in the parking lot. Speaking of the parking lot, it might be full. Overflow parking on the side of the street probably won’t get you in trouble, but bicycling is also an option.

For more information (or really just the same information phrased differently) you can check out the PDDXXI listing in the PDD Calendar or the PDDXXI Facebook event listing.

This year’s anniversary is actually a double anniversary, by the way. The PDD Transmission email newsletter was launched one year ago. Every Thursday we send out updates on Duluth-area events and featured content to everyone who has filled out the free subscription form. If you haven’t subscribed, give it a shot; unsubscribing is easy if you don’t dig it, but we think you will.

And, as usual, we always remind you in our PDD Shop Talk posts that this website could be better or worse based on the cash flow, so a little virtual coin drop is always appreciated.

(Enter the amount of your choice.)

You know the spiel. All of the content on Perfect Duluth Day can be read for free. It is produced by people who are paid either poorly or not at all. Advertising revenue keeps the operation going; donations help us do more and do it better.

So if you appreciate the thorough listings of hoopla on the PDD Calendar and/or the features on the PDD Blog, kindly drop a few bucks in the PayPal account. Follow this link for more info about our fundraising.

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