Ye Olde Corner Grocery

The latest posting at the Duluth Public Library’s [email protected] blog is a look at a few of the lost corner grocery stores of Duluth.


Barrett Chase

about 6 years ago

A few more I remember are 8th Street Market on West 8th Street, Glader's Grocery on Raleigh Street, and West Side Market on West 3rd Street. I also remember one called Don's, which was somewhere in the neighborhood of A & Dubs.


about 6 years ago

I'm glad that I'm old enough to have had a couple old corner store holdouts when I was a kid in the 80s. Chet's on East Ninth Street. Tony's Market on the corner of North Eighth Avenue East & Seventh Street. Hillside Market on North 10th Avenue West & Fourth Street. The Hillside & Tony's market were converted to homes. Chet's had become 8th Street Video on 9th, & is now some sort of coffee place, it is nice to see that at least one remains a business of sorts. Whenever I walk or drive around town I always spot the places that were once stores, I wonder what they were called, what they sold, when did they close their doors.


about 6 years ago

Loved that article. Thanks for the post.

Paul Lundgren

about 6 years ago

The sign is still up at the old 8th Street Market location. It is shown in the banner above, from PDD's rotation.

Paul Lundgren

about 6 years ago

Above is a more recent shot of the old 8th Street Market building. It's been boarded up for a while, following a suspected case of arson.

Below is a shot from inside Glader's Grocery from a story in the News Tribune Attic. That store didn't meet its demise until about ten years ago. 

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