Japanese interpreter needed for Twin Ports Bridge Festival

The Twin Ports Bridge Festival is hosting Dr. Masaru Emoto this year. A Japanese interpreter who is familiar with Quantum Physics is needed. Do you fit the criteria or know someone who does? The festival is July 5 and 6. Learn more at TwinPortsBridgeFestival.com. Please contact Jodi Christensen if you are able to help out — jodi @ yoganorthduluth.com.



about 8 years ago

Lol, hopfully you find no one to translate because Dr. Emoto is a complete hack. Sad to see Bridgefest becoming a hippie conspiracy fest when it did such a good job last year raising money for the flood.

Shane Bauer

about 8 years ago

That comment is sad to see. It pretty much sums up that which the festival works around the clock to change in this community and world. How exciting to see someone come forward with a comment on a "help wanted" post - then how disappointing to see the opposite. Again.


about 8 years ago

Lame. If you don't like his ideas, don't go see him.

[email protected]

about 8 years ago

Winston has poor tone, and I am disappointed in that, but a cursory glance at Masaru Emoto's work does make me wonder who is paying for his trip, and what value is predicted from it.  Can someone help with this?

Shane Bauer

about 8 years ago

I can try to shed some light. Dr. Emoto is being brought to Duluth by the Twin Ports Bridge Festival planning committee, of which I'm a member. We're just local business owners who pour our own time and resources into this event to make it happen with the help of sponsors and other community organizations. The focus of the festival is to celebrate community unity through our shared humanity, appreciation of Lake Superior, and commitment to economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Dr. Emoto's presentation is directly related to this focus. He shares his research on how our thoughts can affect water, which in turn, affects other people and the world around us. When you live on the greatest lake in the world, his work takes on even deeper meaning. Lake Superior is our primary focus for regional sustainability in all three areas, and it literally flows through us in this region in so many ways. As humans are up to 70% water, we ARE Lake Superior.

The festival and Dr. Emoto's presentation are both about a greater connection between each of us and the earth. His study draws a lot of skepticism because it goes so deep, although it's a belief that has been celebrated by people all over the world and native to this country for many, many years. And of course, the negative voices are always much louder so a cursory glance, which likely includes the internet, can be pretty disappointing. Not to mention a new trend in products (like chocolate, energy drinks, etc.) that claim to be using this belief to sell their "blessed" product that will have an extraordinary impact on you.

It's all very fascinating, but the only way to really get an understanding of the bigger picture and Dr. Emoto's research is to listen to him. People have tried to re-create his experiments and received similar results. Others have received no results. It can't be proven, but it can't be unproven either, as it's based on a person's authentic intention without any trace of skepticism.

Dr. Emoto, as with anyone, deserves to be heard by a community in this place on the planet without being judged before arrival by those who really know nothing about his work. I can tell you, based on his reimbursement, he shares this presentation for the right reasons that don't include getting rich.

And that goes for all the events at the Bridge Festival. Lyle Wildes (Brain Coach) will be there as well, and he'll blow you away with his experiences and presentations on how we affect our own attitudes toward other people and the world. Cloud Cult will headline with incredible music based on the bigger picture and how we're all connected.

It's a tough one to brand and market narrow enough for people to understand, but in the end, it's all about Love. That's the theme for this year's festival. It's what ties the whole weekend together, and ties us all to that lake, and to each other. Unfortunately, that word makes some people uncomfortable. But like Cloud Cult says, "You're the only thing in your way."

Hope this helps. You can find out more about Dr. Emoto in relation to the festival here, and watch the first video with a narration of Cloud Cult's perspective on this here. 

I should note that we do expect the Friday night Dr. Emoto presentation to sell out, based on ticket sales so far, so don't wait until July 5 if you would like to learn more about "Hidden Messages in Water."


about 8 years ago

With four years of Jesuit education (science taught by people of faith) and four years of anthropology (postmodernism taught by people of science) under my belt; I  have a jumbled up ball of thoughts on this, which I won't pretend to organize.

-The collision of different ways of knowing often goes badly. Remember the Radiolab "Yellow Rain" incident? (see "The Science of Racism: Radiolab's Treatment of Hmong Experience" and many other reactions). 

-The scientific method (not the only tool used in science, but that's another story) presuppose an observer who is disconnected from the experiment. An experiment that requires "authentic intention" is not an experiment in the sense of the scientific method. Nothing wrong with this, but it's not "Quantum Physics" or anything of the sort. 

-The language of faithful inquiry, of seeking outside of science for truth about the world is just about absent from our public discourse. Emoto is popular because he expresses intuitive (and necessarily unscientific) truths about the unity of all things using language borrowed from what is the current common language of science. 

Call it something more like an inquiry in faith, looking with the Jesuit "eyes of faith." Science and faith would both be better off. 

-Cynicism in the service of the search for truth is a joyful thing. Do our thoughts affect water? Of course they do! In this universe of perpetually connected fields, everything affects everything else ... somehow. Does this mean that Emoto's apparently irreproducible results point us anywhere; I don't think so. Check out Richard Feynman's riff on swimming pools, which (appropriately enough) uses a water metaphor to talk about connectivity.


Shane Bauer

about 8 years ago

Thanks for that, mlatsch! I love this:
"You gotta stop and think about it to really get the pleasure about the complexity - the inconceivable nature - of nature."

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