Superiorites and Pizza Lovers

I’ve asked a few friends and associates about this with unsatisfactory results, so I thought I’d throw it out there for the PDD community to mull over.

In the early 90s (1990-1993), I remember going to a pizza place in Superior, but I can’t remember what it was called. Here’s what I remember about it:

  • It was open late at night.
  • It was kind of grimy and dark inside.
  • It offered a large variety of toppings. For example, I remember getting shrimp and cashews a few times. I think they also offered sauerkraut as a topping.
  • I don’t think it was a chain.

Does anyone remember a restaurant like that?



about 6 years ago

A 1992 Superior city directory shows two pizza places unfamiliar to me as a more-recent Twin Ports arrival, so I assume they're no longer in business:

- Georgi-O's Italian Pizza and Chicken, 5004 E. Third St.
- Kids Korner Pizza, 2421 Tower Avenue

Perhaps one of those?


about 6 years ago

I remember going to Kids Korner Pizza as a kid.  It definitely was not dark and grimy; it was a bit like Papa Murphy's (take and bake).

Barrett Chase

about 6 years ago

I don't think it was Kids Korner, because there was a Kids Korner in West Duluth when I was growing up and their pizza always made me feel sick, so I doubt I would go there. Also, I think Kids Korner was a take-and-bake, though I suppose they probably served hot pizza as well.

I'm also skeptical about Georgi-O's because it's geographically a little far out. It's possible, but not probable.

Barrett Chase

about 6 years ago

Ah, thanks matti. Guess we were commenting at the same time.

One person I asked said it might have been Papa G's, which I guess was next door to the Capri Bar before VIP was in that spot. He had never been there before though and couldn't say for sure what that was like.

I think the best clue is the weird toppings that the place offered. The only other place I've been to in the Twin Ports that offered that variety of toppings was called the Pizza Factory, located on Central Avenue near where Domino's is now. But the place I'm thinking of was definitely in Superior.

greg cougar conley

about 6 years ago

I suppose it could have been Subsations on Tower ave, close to the old Louis' Cafe. They made subs and pizza. And a shitload of money selling drugs, I heard.

Barrett Chase

about 6 years ago

Substations! I want to say that's the place based on location alone. It definitely rings a bell, even if the name doesn't.


about 6 years ago

When we first moved here in summer '94 there was a pizza place, it was to the right as you were driving south on Tower. Gourmet toppings. I went there once for takeout. Then it was gone. And I was sad.


about 6 years ago

Subsations wasn't dark and grimy by any means.

Barrett Chase

about 6 years ago

But did Substations have strange toppings? That's a better clue. As an 18-year-old nondrinker/nonsmoker, my idea of dark and grimy might have been skewed. The place I'm thinking of just had a bit of an afterbar feel to it, much like the House of Donuts. I realize the HOD wasn't dark.


about 6 years ago

Good god, I miss Duluth in the late 1980s early '90s.


about 6 years ago

I polled my family and their eyes all seemed to light up (I thought I was on to something) when I mentioned the criteria you set forth, but they failed to come up with a concrete name.

Apparently, on Belknap down near China Inn/the old Hardees there was a restaurant called The Red Lion or Red Lantern. They seemed to remember it having some stranger pizza topping combinations.


about 6 years ago

I posted a link to this on the Superior Business Improvement District facebook page.  If anyone can answer this, I think it will be someone there.  If anyone answers, I will let you know!  (Now I'm curious too)

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