September 2012 Posts

Marty Mann Halfway House

The sweatshirt/T-shirt pictured here (image no longer available at source) has the name “Marty Mann” on it and an unusual design. Does anyone know if this was issued by the Marty Mann Halfway House in Duluth? Marty Mann was one of the first women in Alcoholics Anonymous and founded the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

Construction at Spirit Mountain

Here’s what the new chalet at the bottom of the hill at Spirit Mountain looks like today. It should be complete during this ski season.

By the way, Mont du Lac recently built a new chalet at the top of its hill, which will open this winter. Neither ski area has plans for a chalet halfway down a hill.

Stolen Yard Signs

My wife and I are disappointed. We have had a “vote no” sign in our yard for the past month or so. One was stolen, like other signs in the neighborhood. I saw one or two homemade signs to replace what were stolen. We told ourselves that paying another $10 for a replacement would just be more money to the cause, so we got another. We also put a bunch of staples in the new sign and connected it to a tree with wire. We figured that they would really need to work to take it. They did. Is this happening elsewhere in town (we are in Lakeside)? How can such behavior be anything but theft? I cringe when I walk by a yard with a “vote yes” sign, but I don’t steal the sign. I think somebody’s values are seriously out of whack. We are disappointed. It’s apparently not enough to limit the freedom to marry, but free speech is also out of bounds.

UMD journalism students find third places in Duluth

Every year, UMD journalism students in the Reporting and Writing II course head out into Duluth looking for story ideas that they will report and write for LakeVoice News. To start off the semester, reporters are asked to find third places in their beat areas that may lead them to stories. The students chronicled what they found on a website called TwinPorts Third Places.

LakeVoice wants you to share some of your third places. Where do you kick back and unwind in the city of Duluth? Have you been to any of the third places observed by students in this project? Feel free to contribute to the discussion below, or visit this link to find out how you can share your favorite third places with LakeVoice directly.

“I could’a used a little more cow bell”

Bring your cowbells and head to Pleasant View Road off of Jean Duluth Road Sept. 29 to cheer on the racers as they climb to the finish line.

Calling all PDD hipsters, Sept. 29 is your chance to experience one of the more exciting cycling events you’re likely to see in Duluth this year: the third running of the Heck of the North Gravel Cycling Classic.

The DOY Podcast, Episode Two

In the second installment of DOY, we go “Behind the Music” with one of Tony’s earliest and most formative recordings, Nate relives church-function sexual discovery, and Jody weighs the importance of his dog’s testicles. Other non-factual topics range from reptilian shapeshifters to Box Car Willie’s lust for children and a mysterious Hardy Boy named Nan.

Martin Road for sale?

I am a resident of Rice Lake township, just outside of the city limits. We moved here 1.5 years ago … since then I have noticed an increase of houses for sale along Martin Road. Does anyone have any insight on why so many houses are for sale along Martin Road between Arnold and Rice Lake roads? We love our house and where we live, so we are slightly concerned.

Asian grocery around the Twin Ports?

Is there actually an Asian grocery store (or anything resembling the sort) around the Twin Ports? The selection at Cub, Mount Royal and the two Super One Foods I visited is dismal at best. Perhaps I got too used to having Asian grocery stores within a ten-minute drive while I lived in St. Paul, but I can’t even find Golden Curry in a store around here. Any super-secret store I’m missing?

Prøve opening is special event

Chico Strikes Back

Chico Strikes Back

Tonight Daniel Hansen and Lucas Anderson are having a very special art opening at the Prøve Gallery titled “Master Meme.” Daniel Hansen is a local artist with a disability who explores pop culture, ’80s pixelation, and contemporary issues. Lucas Anderson teaches art locally at Marshall Academy. The show features individual work and art they have created collaboratively. This is the capstone show for the Prøve’s first year, and it’s nothing short of a “must see,” even if only for the spirit in which the work has been generated and generously shared with our community.  Opening is from 7 to 11 p.m.

If you’re at all on the fence, you can see some of Hansen’s digital brilliance on my accompanying review at Ennyman’s Territory.

Lakeside newsletter #2 is out

The Oct/Nov issue is available at Lakeside businesses and can be read on-line at Learn about Brighton Beach Tourist Camp, Meet a Neighbor, and learn about events happening in Lakeside.

Apple Orchards Near Duluth

Google is not returning results on permutations of the search – “Apple orchards near Duluth.” I found one in Moose Lake. Does anyone know of one closer than that? or have favorites?

Pumpkin Carvers Needed

The 750 stars of Glensheen’s Jack O’ Lantern Spooktacular need carvers to help them get ready for their big event.

Carvers Needed: October 20 through October 24 at Glensheen, 3300 London Road.

Groups, families, or individuals are welcome to carve pumpkins for the Spooktacular, which takes place October 25 through October 28.

Carvers will receive a free ticket to the Thursday, October 25 event.

Interested? Please email [email protected] for more information.

Duluth: A new film by Nicole Brending

Apparently a short film called Duluth was completed in 2010. (I’ll note right up front that the trailer features brief nudity.)

Update: The trailer on Vimeo has been removed.

The URL given at the end of the trailer is to a site that doesn’t exist. There is, however, an Internet Movie Database plot summary, which reads as follows:

Photog seeking props

I’m working on a little side project, more or less some product shots. I’m looking to borrow a few items that I haven’t been able to turn up while thrifting which has been mind boggling seeing as how they are pretty common items. Well, for the most part. I think I should only need these for a day, two tops.


There seems to be a lot of concern for the rights of the millionaire businessman who is attempting to use loopholes in the law to make money at the great expense of others who want nothing to do with his business, but are forced to carry the burden of his business model.  Jim Carlson hides behind a dubious technicality claiming that the poison he is selling at the Last Place on Earth is OK because the chemists keep playing Russian roulette with his customers by changing the chemical compounds on a regular basis.

A true libertarian wouldn’t hide behind technicalities of the law – they would take full, personal responsibility for their actions.  Carlson has a business model in which he is making millions and externalizing costs onto the community.  Because of his business model, other businesses are struggling, the government pays for the emergency health care for uninsured addicts, and our public sidewalks and parks are taken over by people getting high, selling drugs, and harassing other folks who want no part of his business – yet are forced to absorb the costs that Carlson is imposing on them.