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BoomTown will replace Sunset Bar & Grill

R.I.P. Horseshoe Billards and Burns Bar

To toss out some random bar gossip, I heard last night that Horseshoe Billiards in the West End closed a while back, and that Burns Bar in Rice Lake Township closed several months ago.

Which reminds me that I don’t think it was ever mentioned on PDD that La Belle in Superior closed earlier this summer. And I heard the roof caved in at the Palace Bar. Is that true? Is it still open?

What will we do without all these classy joints?

Gettin’ Ripped at Burns Bar
Gettin’ Ripped at Horseshoe Billiards
Gettin’ Ripped at the Palace Bar
Gettin’ Ripped at La Belle

Martin Road for sale?

I am a resident of Rice Lake township, just outside of the city limits. We moved here 1.5 years ago … since then I have noticed an increase of houses for sale along Martin Road. Does anyone have any insight on why so many houses are for sale along Martin Road between Arnold and Rice Lake roads? We love our house and where we live, so we are slightly concerned.