September 2012 Posts

Welcome to Washburn, Wisconsin!

Little Free Library in the Twin Ports?

Someone asked on Twitter today if there are any Little Free Libraries in the Twin Ports. So, are there any around?

(While reading the blog, I noticed that Claire wrote an article for Publishers Weekly on the movement … maybe you might know?)

Duluth-Superior Pride 2012

Perfect day for a parade.

Is that the lift bridge?

Is that the lift bridge at 2:56? I also thought the fireworks scene looked vaguely Duluthy at first but on second and third glance I don’t see how it could be, the bridge is in the wrong position related to the fireworks unless they are coming from Superior. Anyone else care to take a stab at it?

This is a crowd-sourced video for Something Beautiful from Needtobreathe. Related, I saw them live for the first time when they were warming up for some other act in Duluth and they kind of blew my mind, I love it when that happens. Also related, if you wanted to summarize my spirituality up in 4 minutes I don’t think you could do any better than this song.

Also, in the video for Walking Down Your Street, the Bangles start their road trip out in Duluth. Duluth, where so many great things begin. Alert Terry Mattson for licensing possibilities. Check it out at around 0:53

Where in Duluth?

This is kind of a follow up to the cherry red Help Phone.

Fond du Lac Band Newspaper: Minnesota Chippewa could cease to exist by 2080

I’m not sure if that headline is sufficiently dramatic, or maybe overly dramatic, but I am just having trouble wrapping my head around this chart from the September 2012 (PDF link) Fond du Lac Tribal Newspaper (Nahgahchiwanong Dibahjimowinnan).

It shows the Fond du Lac people falling into a demographic abyss. Disappearing as a people by 2080.

Obama sucks; defeat the liar

The latest campaign sign to add to PDD’s collection of whack-job yard art is this one on Highway 13 near Washburn, Wis.

Duluth Album Releases in 2009

Ben Durbin’s Modern Antiques
Sweet Precious Time
(Feb. 20)
Available on YouTube

Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank
Traveling Show
Available at

Apparently dog modeling is cool