July 2012 Posts

Thomas Angelo Dougherty, World War II U.S. Naval Aviator

Video by George Knowles.

Duluth Album Releases in 2007

Trampled by Turtles
(March 19)
Available on iTunes

Drums and Guns
Sub Pop Records (March 20)
Available on Bandcamp

The Hotel Coral Essex
(April 27)
Available on Bandcamp

Video Archive: Robert Bly in 1976, interpreting Rumi’s poem “Feeling and Thinking”

This is an excerpt of the short film “From the Museroom: A Sampler of Minnesota Poets,” shot during a Poetry Collective benefit at the Firehouse in Minneapolis, Minn.

“Feeling and Thinking” by Rumi

Someone struck Zayd a hard blow from behind. He was about to retaliate, when his assailant cried, “Let me ask you a question: first answer it, then strike me. I struck the nape of your neck, and there was the sound of a slap. Now I ask you in a friendly way — ‘Was the sound caused by my hand or by your neck, O pride of the noble?'”

Zayd said, “The pain I am suffering leaves me no time to reflect on this problem. Ponder it yourself: he who feels the pain cannot think of things like this.”

Wildwoods New Facility

Wildwoods Rehabilitation has a new orphan shed.

This week: street dancing, kayaking, chess and banjo picking


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

If you haven’t seen a Huskies game yet this season in beautiful Wade Stadium you are running out of chances. Fortunately the Huskies are hosting the Waterloo Bucks at the Wade tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday. Go Huskies!

Spirit Valley Days kick off this Wednesday with a parade on Thursday and a street dance on Friday featuring Hairball.

Mary Bue launches her new album with a concert at the Teatro Zuccone on Thursday.

Chess is in the air. Can you feel it? Grand Master and two time U.S. Champion Alex Yermolinsky is coming to town for a lecture on Friday to be followed by a tournament on Saturday and Sunday.

Next weekend is a good time to be up the shore in Two Harbors with BradFest and the Kayak Festival going on, not to mention their spiffy City Band.

And, the cherry on the sundae of this coming week, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers hit the Bayfront Stage on Sunday capping off the Bayfront Jam Music Festival.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!`

He got married but … you get the presents!

If you haven’t become a member, or even if you have, check this sweet deal out on Blacklist’s Beer+Art Project! Only a few more days left to back this Kickstarter project and make it happen in Duluth!

Swimming Lake Superior 7-28

“‘Things that lived under the sea…had cities on the seabottom, an’ the island was heaved up from thar. An’ some of the things was alive in the buildins when it come up…humans got a relation to ’em, see? Everything alive come aout o’ the water once an’ only needs a little change to go back.’…. ‘Dreams of a phosphorescent palace with gardens of strange leprous corals and grotesque brachiate efflorescences, fathoms below… I must swim out to that brooding reef and dive down through black abysses. And there I shall dwell amidst wonder and glory forever.'” – H.P. Lovecraft, “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”

Tackle shop recommendations, etc. — Advice for getting started fishing in Duluth

I’m relatively new to Duluth, and I’m hoping that PDD folks will offer advice as I begin learning about fishing here in the city. What tackle shops should I visit for tips and gear? Anyone want to share the location of their favorite fishing hole?

Northland’s NewsCenter and Charter Communications reach carriage deal

The Northland’s NewsCenter has announced that the Northland’s CW 2 (KDLH DT 3.2) and My 9 (KBJR DT 6.2) will be returning to the Charter cable lineup after being absent since early March.

“Today is a great day for fans of CW 2, My 9 and most of all, the community,” said David Jensch, vice-president and station manager. “Whether you watch UMD hockey or America’s Next Top Model, fans of the great programming on these stations can now enjoy their shows without interruption.”

My 9 and the CW 2 have been off the Charter system since March 12. Charter Communications has noted it will return the signals as soon as possible.

Minnesota Flood 2012: Is that the best name we’ve come up with for it?

It seems to me the best local storm names tend to be tied to a holiday or otherwise significant date:

Leap Day Snowmageddon 2012
The Geek Prom Blizzard of 2008
The Halloween Megastorm of 1991

The Great Thanksgiving Blizzard of 1983

Following that tradition, our recent flood would be the Summer Solstice Flood of 2012. But I haven’t heard anyone call it that, and it’s been over a month.

What are you calling it? Any good ideas? Maybe if we come up with a good one there will be more federal relief money sent our way, so perhaps we should work the word “disaster” in.

Google Fiber up for registration in Kansas

I think Duluth needs to start a pre-registration campaign to show Google we are serious and want to be next to get Google Fiber. Pre-register here.

Filling a backyard pool

We just bought a backyard inflatable swimming pool. My husband insists there’s a better way to fill it with 1,000 gallons of water than the garden hose.

From what I can calculate, it’d cost us about $100 to fill it that way. Can anyone weigh in? Any better ideas?

No FEMA aid for individuals

What do you think about that?

FEMA rejects individual flood aid in Northland; state will appeal decision

Sustainable Agriculture

I’m moving to Duluth at the end of this school year (about 10 months) and I am trying to make a plan for some gardening I intend to do. My personal garden will likely be north of Duluth, in the Island Lake area. I know that the soil there isn’t great and that I will be required to haul in some of my own. I also know that Duluth would be in USDA hardiness Zone 3, so that obviously dictates what I will be able to grow.

My question is: what crops have you had success growing in the Duluth area? Any tips or tricks that might help? I’m passionate about returning to localized food production, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Monitoring Lake Superior

Interested in conditions on and in Lake Superior? UMD operates two buoys in the far western arm of Lake Superior about 15 miles outside Duluth, one near the McQuade safe harbor and one offshore of that location. You can see the data in real time by following this link.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!