Wildwoods New Facility

Wildwoods Rehabilitation has a new orphan shed.

This facility opens just in time for the second wave of orphaned baby squirrels, whose nests are knocked over by well-meaning landscapers, etc. Squirrels typically arrive in two waves over the summer. We have worked with up to two dozen red and grey squirrels at once, along with chipmunks, woodchucks, and other baby mammals.

This facility is made possible by donations from community members like Kathy Tate, to whose memory it is dedicated. It is also the product of hard, hard labor by Jason Block, Mike Townsend, Farzad Farr, Kelly Looby, and the Aldrichs (Jack, Peggy, and Ian). Finally, the cages and cabinets were donated by the University of Minnesota Duluth.

If you’d like to donate to Wildwoods, we are in the middle of our capital campaign, striving to raise enough money to buy land and move our facility off the private land lent to us today. And as a volunteer organization supported entirely by donations, we are always struggling with day-to-day operations. Donations (whether of money or of needed food and medical supplies — please inquire) are always welcome, and are tax-deductible.

As always, we thank our partners at Chalstrom’s Bait Shop, Wild Birds Unlimited, and Grubco, who offer us needed product at an important discount. And we couldn’t sustain our public relations efforts without the help of the Great Lakes Aquarium, the Audubon Center of the Northwoods, the Duluth/Superior Community Foundation, and our other partners in Wildlife Education.

This was just in time for the new arrivals: orphaned young bobcat, baby mouse, and three starving orphaned purple martin chicks.

Want to join us? A volunteers meeting, targeting the financial fitness of Wildwoods, rather than animal care directly, will be held on Tuesday, August 7.

We will hear about grant-writing opportunities, fundraising opportunities, and a plan to build a worm farm. See Facebook for more info.



about 11 years ago

Hello, rhetoricguy.  I've been meaning to contribute, and finally did, just now.  Thanks for the work that you guys do.

p.s. the photos on your website are just amazing!

[email protected]

about 11 years ago

Thank you!  And join us if you can at the meeting!  There are more ways to give than money.  I personally do not want to build the worm farm, but I gather other people are awesome at wormwork.

PS:  Here's more on the recently admitted mouse:

From the Director:  "Susan brought in this pinky white-footed mouse yesterday. He's eating like a champ now that he's gotten the hang of the nipple we use. Sometimes people scoff when they hear that we take mice (or pigeons). But if someone cares enough to save them and bring them to us, we will do our best to raise them to release."


about 11 years ago

Guess what Mr Emmadogs wants to do.  Yep; build a mealworm farm at our house.  He claims the chickadees et al 'need' us to do this.  Maybe I'll send him your way :-)

Les F

about 11 years ago

Thanks for the 'reminder' jumping over to your website now to help out a bit.  It was on my list for August.

[email protected]

about 11 years ago

Thank you, and remember, we need volunteers and materials and energy; I don't want to appear money - mad or crass! 

Volunteer meeting tomorrow night -- see above!


about 11 years ago

I just learned of Wildwoods. They are caring for an owl that was injured at St. Scholastica. We are following Florence's progress and spreading the word about volunteer and donation opportunities for this amazing organization. Thanks for posting. You can view our St. Scholastica post here: 

Florence the Owl update

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