Northland’s NewsCenter and Charter Communications reach carriage deal

The Northland’s NewsCenter has announced that the Northland’s CW 2 (KDLH DT 3.2) and My 9 (KBJR DT 6.2) will be returning to the Charter cable lineup after being absent since early March.

“Today is a great day for fans of CW 2, My 9 and most of all, the community,” said David Jensch, vice-president and station manager. “Whether you watch UMD hockey or America’s Next Top Model, fans of the great programming on these stations can now enjoy their shows without interruption.”

My 9 and the CW 2 have been off the Charter system since March 12. Charter Communications has noted it will return the signals as soon as possible.



about 9 years ago

This was invertible. The shit would've hit the fan for both companies once everybody started missing the UMD football and hockey games.


about 9 years ago

The commercial messages urging people to demand that Charter carry these channels always left a bad taste in my mouth.  It seemed so desperate.  I know this lack of availability would mean reduced commercial revenue for KBJR, but the begging seemed so cheap.  

I have no dog in this fight because I refuse to pay for television.  Cable cost $100 per month, tickets to ALL Bulldogs events in a month would not be that much. See you at the games.

The Big E

about 9 years ago

I hate to sound like That Guy, but I didn't even know that was going on.  We get basic cable because for whatever reason the bundle deal from Charter (ugh--long story) was cheaper than landline+internet without TV.  But we don't have it hooked up because we prefer the over-the-air content--I built one of these for a few bucks.  [I bought the washers and wire at Marshall Hardware, the balun at Radio Shack.  Didn't bother with a reflector.  Put it on the mini-porch/fire escape thing upstairs and it works reasonably well.]


about 9 years ago

B-man, I concur.  I have not payed for T.V. for over 10 years.  I don't feel I've missed a thing. I see UMD games for free over the air, so I wouldn't have missed out on that either.  I was actually hoping people would get fed up over this, cancel cable, and start enjoying a less television-centered life. If there is a cable generated program I really want to see, I can find it online.  In the future (cue eerie music) paying for television content will have gone the way of paying for long distance phone calls and land lines.


about 9 years ago

I meant to say "paid"... I think.


about 9 years ago

I'm so glad the CW and My 9 will be returned. It's about time. Now I can watch my Supernatural and Hart of Dixie without a converter box. I didn't like it that way anyways. Every time Supernatural or Hart of Dixie was on I had to be home to watch it and record it because the converter box and antenna kept going out and now I don't have to worry. I can just record it on my DVR without the channel going out, so yay.

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