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On behalf of four 8th grade boys that I am assisting with National History Day projects I am seeking assistance from anyone who could point them in the right direction. Two boys are making a short ten-minute documentary about the Civilian Conservation Corps in this area and the other two boys are making an exhibit about the Duluth Canal. They are looking for additional pictures for their projects and anyone who may be available for an interview or to answer questions. Please reply here if you can offer any help and I will pass your e-mail information along to the students. If you have any tips for them I could pass on it would also be appreciated as well. They are very motivated and competing to represent our area at the national competition in Washington DC this June.

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Tony D.

about 12 years ago

I wrote a book about the canal and bridge: Crossing the Canal. It's at the Duluth Public Library. It has over 400 images. In the back, there are image credits noting the source of each image. Many came from the library. In fact, I spoke to and traded emails with the two young men doing the canal project and told them as much.

As for CCC, there is a WPA guide to the Arrowhead that describes every WPA and CCC project in Duluth. Many still exist. Once identified, the library also has photos of many of these.

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about 12 years ago

And for general reference:


about 12 years ago

I have a great sort of panoramic photo - approx 9" X 24" of CCC men in Brimson back in 1939. One of the young men is my grandfather. He served with Company 719.
If needed for a presentation, contact me by email.


about 12 years ago

I'd like to see those pics, too.  There are some old and new ones from all around town here:



about 12 years ago

Right now at the Depot there is a traveling exhibit about FDR's New Deal.  It's located in the Great Hall and should be there until May, if I remember correctly.  Also the St. Louis Historical Society might be of some help.  Milissa Brooks-Ojibway, accessions manager, might be able to find some old pictures and such if you were to ask.  Dan Hartman, in Veteran's Memorial Hall, might be of some help too. He's a big history buff too.  Hope this helps some.


about 12 years ago

Gooseberry State Park was built by the CCC and there is a exhibit about the work of the CCC there as well as many of the original building built by the CCC.


about 12 years ago

Also, if you go to Gooseberry and ask at the desk if they have any additional materials, I believe there is a file of further information compiled by the volunteer historian/s there.


about 12 years ago

Crossing the Canal is a excellent book. WPA guide to the Arrowhead is very good as well.

Gooseberry Falls SP has a nice display there and it would be worth the visit. It helps to see as well as read about the CCC. Buildings still stand with fantastic stonework.

Andrew Slade

about 12 years ago

Apparently there was a CCC camp at the western end of Stony Point. They built the big stone wall just off Scenic 61. I haven't confirmed this myself, but if you walk back in the woods from the wall there is a multi-hole surprise.

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