Beware Windows computer phone scam

I just got a telephone call from (218) 625-1190, caller ID said Sevencoast, LLC. A man with an east Indian accent used my surname and said he was calling because my “Windows computer is at risk from a virus!” I said, “No, it’s not.” He interrupted and said, “Yes! Ma’am! Just listen!” and repeated it. I said again, “No, it’s not, take my name off your list and don’t you ever call here again.” I advise anyone else who receives a call like this to do the same.

I work from home. My personal computer is a Mac and my work computer is owned and operated on a VPN from a very large international company with outstanding tech support. Trust me, this is a scam.



about 12 years ago

Caller ID spoofing is relatively easy and free.


about 12 years ago

I just got this call today at work. The caller ID was the same, and the name was the same, but when I picked up no one was on the line.


about 11 years ago

OMG! I just Googled this topic, as I received this phone call yesterday and today! And it is almost a whole year later! 

Yesterday came from 1.800.123.4567 at 10:48am on 1.28.13. Seriously. That was the phone number that came up on my caller I.D. from out of area.  An Indian-accented man told me he was a Windows support technician and that they had detected my computer had downloaded some very bad malware/spyware that needed immediate attention.  I asked him a few times what company he worked for, and he kept saying Windows support technician company, and I kept saying no, what company?  He finally said Microsoft.  I was like, yeah, right, but let him continue.  

I then proceeded to ask him which computer he was talking about (I have a few in this house) he kept telling me the oldest one.  I kept saying which one? He said the oldest one.  Over and over.  I asked to speak to his supervisor.  Another Indian-accented man got on the phone and said this is regarding my Windows computer that has some malware on it.  I asked him which computer was it? He said the oldest one I have.  I said how does he know its the oldest one? He said how many computers do I have? I said at least one, but shouldn't you be able to tell me if your are telling me it's my oldest one? And how do you know it's my oldest one? And I said I think there is something fishy going on here.  And the click! He hung up on me! 

Then today, at 12:36 pm, on 1.29.13, I get a call from 218.625.1190 saying SEVENCOAST LLC in the caller ID.  It was silent for about 7 or 8 seconds, and then a funny beep and click.  

That's when I googled it to see it was probably the same people.  Ugh.  Isn't it against the law somewhere? How do we report suspicious phone calls like this and to who?

Les F

about 11 years ago

Like Adam said... spoofing caller id is way too easy.  Reporting the number will more than likely not do any good.  Be glad they aren't spoofing using your number.

If you have the ability to block by number (which they probably change over time, block that number).

You can always mess with them, I do this from time to time just for fun with various telemarketers.  Tell them "Oh good, you have reached the cyber crimes FBI field office.  Hold on and I will connect you with an agent."  Or bark at them something like "This is a Dept of Justice private line, who are you?"  Or act like you don't understand them and ask dumb questions. Usually they go away quickly.  Doesn't solve the problem but can be fun since you have already bothered to answer the phone.


about 11 years ago

Ars Technica has a great piece on the Windows Technical Support Cold Call Scam from October of last year.

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