NCIS Duluth: Kathy Laster’s Happy Place

Twenty-eight minutes into episode 8 of the new CBS crime drama NCIS: Hawaii, characters start dropping the D-word. Before the 29-minute mark, Duluth is mentioned four times. It almost feels like the writers were peppering it in just for the sake of getting mentioned on the silly website in Duluth that catalogs such things.

The full episode — Season 1, Episode 8: Legacy — aired on Nov. 29 and can be viewed on The segment above includes the four-Duluth’s-in-a-minute, which has to be some kind of record for nationally syndicated television shows. (Maybe Lady Dynamite has it beat.)

Below is the dialogue from the Duluthy segment.

Jane: We can speak if you want to.

Morgan: He’s right. Damian won’t approve, and it is not my place to say. My husband is a flawed man, always was. When we were young, in Duluth, I thought success would help smooth the edges. But some things never change.

Jane: Morgan Davenport wanted to talk.

Kai: Guilty conscience? Or is she trying to point the finger someplace else?

Jane: Never got far enough to figure it out. She did mention that Damian and Kathy Laster had a special relationship.

Lucy: Suggests an affair.

Jesse: Could explain why Morgan brought her in. Leverage for the divorce. Affair means bad PR for Damian.

Kai: I mean, a murder would mean bad PR, too.

Jane: Duluth. Morgan couldn’t talk freely, but she was trying to tell me something. She mentioned when she and Damian were young in Duluth.

Ernie: Damian and Morgan met and married in Minneapolis. They never lived in Duluth, and there’s no connection to Nine Clouds there either.

Lucy: But Kathy spent a lot of time there. It’s all over her socials. Says it’s her “happy place.”

Kai: That place would make me happy, too.


Eric Chandler

about 3 years ago

"That place would make me happy too."

Beverly Godfrey

about 3 years ago

If I currently lived in Hawaii, how fondly would I remember Duluth? I guess I'll never know.

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