August 2011 Posts

Opportunity knocks.

“Greek Police Smash Violent Doughnut Ring”
THESSALONIKI – It took an undercover operation, but Greek police have blown a hole in a ring of alleged crooks who had cornered the doughnut market in a beach resort.

I hereby call upon Mayor Ness to offer asylum in Duluth to these industrious, probably misunderstood people, with an eye toward improving our own disastrous local donut market–their violent tendencies would presumably remain latent due to the absence of any competition to intimidate.

RIP Lew Latto: 1940-2011

It’s being reported that local broadcast legend Lew Latto passed today while preparing for work.

The Blasphemists at Teatro Zuccone, Thursday, Aug. 25 at 8 p.m.

The Blasphemists are playing Teatro on Thursday, Aug. 25, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5.

The Blasphemists interbreed rock, gutter punk and trashcan blues to form a bombastic, if not occasionally unsettling, musical experience that will make you bob your head and gasp for air. They consist of Adam Sundberg, multi-instrumentalist Joshua Herbert and percussionist Steve Hamlin. Their live shows include smashing glass, clanging trashcans and the occasional John Cage piece.

What’s that thing in Canal Park?

I keep wondering every time I go to Canal Park — what is that structure being built in the northeast corner of Canal Park, just across from the Endion Station building on that construction site over there. Does anyone know?

A Catastrophic Shipwreck on Lake Superior

ARAC Arts Awards

Two Arrowhead Regional Arts Council news releases below.

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council at its March 17, 2011, meeting approved grant applications totaling $13,500 to be awarded in Small Capital Grants.

Cravaack to Hold Town Hall Meeting in Duluth, After All

Via MPR News Polinaut blog and MPR’s Dan Kraker…

Amid mounting pressure, 8th District GOP congressman Chip Cravaack has announced he will hold an open town hall meeting at 4 o’clock tomorrow afternoon at the Duluth airport.

A lot of the push back that I have experienced on this subject, including this letter in the DNT, has involved people complaining that “Oberstar was never here” so why are we so worried about Cravaack being here, all of a sudden. Did anyone else have that experience, that Oberstar was hard to reach or access? I remember calling him at home when I was in college for an assignment and he actually took the time to answer my questions, no problem. If I had thought he’d actually answer I wouldn’t have ever made the call. I was 18 or 19 years old, it was my first semester and my only other memory is being terrified during the entire conversation!

So he’ll do a town hall meeting in Duluth, tomorrow, 8/24/2011, at the airport. Are you going? What will you say to him? And finally, does anyone else find it ironic that he’s holding the meeting there at the Duluth Airport, a place that he originally described as wasteful spending that we cannot afford? Of course, he turned an about face on that issue and now says that he supports the expansion. I’m glad he did that, and also glad that he’s made an about face on a Duluth town hall, too.

UPDATE 3:43 PM 8/23/11
According to the MN Progressive Project, Chip Cravaack is NOT having a town hall meeting tomorrow at the Duluth Airport:

Will Chip Cravack Keep His Promise to Hold a Town Hall in Duluth?

Cravaack’s Duluth office denies knowing about a town hall in Duluth tomorrow and refuses to comment further. The location of this promised town hall is also uncertain. As of 2:15 pm, the Duluth Airport Authority reports that they have not been contacted by the congressman’s staff. Furthermore, the schedule shows the banquet room at the airport, the Skyline Room, is booked by the restaurant for an event from 3 to 5pm tomorrow. The only other possible venue at the airport, Monaco Air Duluth, also has not been contacted by Cravaack’s office.

In the video Cravaack says he will have a town hall at the airport “tomorrow at 4 o’clock.”

False alarm, it’s on. Verified here by numerous media sources.

Minnesota Point: Protector or Guide?

From the 1950 book This is Duluth, by Dora May Macdonald:

According to rumour, George Sherwood, one of the old-time real estate men, stood on the barren hills one day with an Easterner, expounding on the charms of the village and the advantages to be gained by investing in Duluth real estate. Pointing to the sandy stretch of land curving out into the water, he said, “There lies Minnesota Point. It looks like God’s arm protecting the town of Duluth.”

The Easterner, unimpressed by the rocky hills, sand, or sentiment, replied, “It looks to me more like God’s finger pointing the way out of town.”

Event at Leif Erickson Park

Does anyone know about the community event going on at Leif Erickson Park on Sept. 10? I can’t find any info on it right now.

Where in Duluth?

Chester Park Dam

I know someone here will have the answer!

Chester Creek used to pond inside the park due to a dam that broke out many years ago. Does anyone know why they’ve never replaced it?

Footage retrieved from the wreck of the mighty Crammenfjorder, Lake Superior

Night Without a Home Sleepout at Wade

This year in preparation for the Night Without A Home Sleepout we have many community leaders and other community members joining together for a friendly competition. Who can raise the most money? Will it be a city councilor, or a county commissioner or just a young community member wanting to end homelessness? Go to and help end homelessness. If you would like to join the competition please email twinportsaction @

A Night Without A Home Sleep Out and Fundraiser
Saturday, Sept. 24 – Wade Stadium – Duluth MN

New Manheat album Hotel Suicide for free!

Hotel Suicide by Manheat

New Tangier 57 album now available

Our long-awaited Tiki Odyssey is now available in multiple musical formats. 18 tracks of Northwoods Exotica. Download it immediately from Bandcamp, or wait a day or so for a CD. There’s a big box of them driving around Duluth in a UPS truck right now. We should have them tonight.

The Local (5-6 pm Wednesday) on KUMD will be playing some tracks and talking to someone from T57 this week.