New Tangier 57 album now available

Our long-awaited Tiki Odyssey is now available in multiple musical formats. 18 tracks of Northwoods Exotica. Download it immediately from Bandcamp, or wait a day or so for a CD. There’s a big box of them driving around Duluth in a UPS truck right now. We should have them tonight.

The Local (5-6 pm Wednesday) on KUMD will be playing some tracks and talking to someone from T57 this week.



about 11 years ago

What the sam hell is this music? I know music and this isn't anything I've ever heard before! Spike Jones is spinning in his grave! It's like you're all a load of middle-aged poncey crackpots stuck in a broken elevator with some bongos, a ukulele and a kazoo. Give a schlub a laptop recorder and he thinks he's George Martin or something. Go make yer selves a froo froo umbrella drink in a coconut and stop trying to play "the kid's music!" And don't tell me you play this bizarre crap live?!?


about 11 years ago

Who let Vic Black on here?

Craig S.

about 11 years ago

Absolutely wonderful Chris and Brian, nice work!


about 11 years ago

Thanks Craig!! Hey Sinatra, the UPS guys showed up, you can order your copy of the CD with one of the links above. Enjoy...fart knocker

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