New Tangier 57 album now available

Our long-awaited Tiki Odyssey is now available in multiple musical formats. 18 tracks of Northwoods Exotica. Download it immediately from Bandcamp, or wait a day or so for a CD. There’s a big box of them driving around Duluth in a UPS truck right now. We should have them tonight.

The Local (5-6 pm Wednesday) on KUMD will be playing some tracks and talking to someone from T57 this week.



about 6 years ago

What the sam hell is this music? I know music and this isn't anything I've ever heard before! Spike Jones is spinning in his grave! It's like you're all a load of middle-aged poncey crackpots stuck in a broken elevator with some bongos, a ukulele and a kazoo. Give a schlub a laptop recorder and he thinks he's George Martin or something. Go make yer selves a froo froo umbrella drink in a coconut and stop trying to play "the kid's music!" And don't tell me you play this bizarre crap live?!?


about 6 years ago

Who let Vic Black on here?

Craig S.

about 6 years ago

Absolutely wonderful Chris and Brian, nice work!


about 6 years ago

Thanks Craig!! Hey Sinatra, the UPS guys showed up, you can order your copy of the CD with one of the links above. Enjoy...fart knocker

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