August 2011 Posts

The Park Point Fox

ParkPointFox9 ParkPointFox1 ParkPointFox2 ParkPointFox3 ParkPointFox4 ParkPointFox5 ParkPointFox7 ParkPointFox8

Photos by Hattie Peterson. (Click any image to see it full size or to go through them all slide-show style.)

Dog and House Sitting

I have been taking care of critters and their homes for about 7-8 years here in Duluth while their owners are on vacation and such and was recently thinking of making up fliers and business cards. Would I have to “register” or something as a business owner? Is there a certain amount of money you need to make to have to pay taxes? I just don’t want to do something illegal by accident. Any help appreciated.

What’s with all the Skeeters?!

Has anybody else being driven crazy by all the mosquitoes in Duluth the past week?! Seriously, it’s like Alaska out there. I can’t work in the yard without getting drained. I can’t ever remember it being this bad. Theories? (Sustained west winds? Moth spraying killed all the dragonflies? Hurricane Irene sucking them all down from northern Canada?)

APB – Another Stolen Motorcycle

My cousin had his bike stolen from the Hillside (9th & 10th Avenue East area) Friday night/Saturday morning. Easily identifiable, 1971 BMW, desert tan paint. Ammo cans were off at time of theft. Please call the DPD if you see this bike, it is one of a kind and hard to miss. Or if you are not the type of person to call the cops, post here or call me at 218-591-five seven ate five.

Stolen '71 BMW

Old Time Luce Brunch

Moving Planet Day Duluth, Sept. 24

Notice to anyone who likes the northland climate and finds himself/herself a little speechless at the thought of hotter weather, forest fires, lake dry-up, etc. I’m inviting people to make signs and posters for display on Saturday, 9/24; these can show facts, likelihoods and sarcasm too. Let out your creativity. Please reply if seriously interested in making, carrying or posting a sign with a message meant to address the denial about climate change.

Hillfest Seeks Buskers

Hillfest is seeking musicians/performers who would like to arrange to busk, stationed farther down the street from the stage area.

If you don’t already know, this is the second year of Hillfest and will happen on Saturday, Sept. 17. Buskers will be able to perform between 3 and 7 p.m. Content of performance is open but performers should be aware that families will be present and Hillfest reserves the right to pull the plug if warranted.

If you happen to be an interested party, please contact Briana at 218.340.6333.

Register Now for Alpha at New Life

New Life Lutheran church is taking registrations now for the fall Alpha course. An introductory banquet dinner will be held at 6 p.m., Monday, Sept. 12, at the New Life facility at 4424 Venture Avenue in the Duluth Airpark. Anyone interested in exploring the Christian faith is invited to participate. There is no charge for the course.

Reception at the Tweed Museum of Art

Saturday, Aug. 27, 2 -4 p.m. Opening reception for new exhibition, “Our Treasures: Highlights from the Minnesota Museum of American Art.”

Free and open to the public. Tweed Museum of Art is located on the campus of the University of Minnesota Duluth, 1201 Ordean Court.

Organized by the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul. Features 30 of the top artworks in the MMAA collection including works by artists such as Paul Manship, Robert Henri, Grant Wood, Louise Nevelson, George Morrison, Christo and Wing Young Huie.

Heat with wood?

We have approximately a dozen six-foot logs, primarily ash (hardwood). Needs to be cut into logs and moved by anyone who wants them. The logs are one year old and in my back yard, which is down a hill from the house.

Contact me at sarafenix @ and let me know if any of you want them and I will send phone # to make arrangements. It’s going to be first come get’s em.

Zenith City Online

Coming January 2012.

Discover more at

Need a Nice Piece of Glass?

I have a 4′ x 8′ sheet of picture window glass, double glazed and (I assume) gas filled.

It’s yours for $50 if you pick it up yourself. Bring some friends: it’s one heavy piece of glass.

Cravaack Town Hall

I didn’t wanted to go off topic on the thread regarding signs and free speech at the Cravaack town hall meeting, so I thought I’d start another one to discuss the content of the meeting.

Mr. Nice: August 30

In the sky, it’s a what?

Last night we were enjoying dinner outside when we looked up to see a sky filled — hard to do this justice — with a bird that seemed to be some kind of raptor. My guess is that it is a falcony-like bird (kestrel or something?). It seemed to be up there feasting on the bugs that were so prevalent last night, but maybe it was the dragonflies? It was a smaller raptor and had a kind of stripe across the wings.

I wish I could describe to you how many there were. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. They moved in a mass of them more like a school of fish than birds and seemed to be focused on eating and eating. Simply hundreds of them. I was surprised that a raptor would eat insects but that seemed to be what they were doing.