Duluth Artist Workshops/Studios?

I’m wondering if Duluth has an open or rentable artist workshop space?  I play with metals, so it’s big loud noisy art; a place where painters quietly do their thing isn’t going to be right for me.  A place with a rentable oxyacetylene torch would be even more awesome. I already sent a message to the Duluth Art Institute but got no answer, so I’m hoping the people here can be some help. I currently have a “studio” set up in my dining room in my apartment … I’m sure the neighbors in my four-plex would be thrilled if I did my grinding somewhere else!

So, if you know someone/somewhere that has the space, or even know another avenue I can poke my nose down, please let me know!



about 9 years ago

I'm not an artist, nor do I play one on TV. But can offer this suggestion: call the art departments at UWS, UMD or LSC. The people who work there will probably know how to point you in the right direction.


about 9 years ago

You will probably strike out with the colleges. I'd ask the Art Institute, the fine folks at Pineapple Arts or a real live artist.


about 9 years ago

I sent a message to the Art Institute over a week ago, and never heard back.  And I never heard of Pineapple Arts; I'll look them up and see if I can find more info.

Sadly, I am the shyest person living in Duluth, so I don't know any real live artists.  Or any fake ones.  Or dead ones.  :(  But thank you for the suggestions, both!


about 9 years ago

My thought is not that you would get space at the colleges, but that the professors would know who to call. And for the record, I wouldn't call either, I'd email for sure. I might follow up with a call when they didn't return my email.


about 9 years ago

Call me and I'll give you a contact: 733-7565.

Duluth Art Institute

about 9 years ago

The best way to contact the Duluth Art Institute is to get in touch with us directly - here is a list of numbers: http://www.duluthartinstitute.org/html/contact.html

Unfortunately we don't have many studio rental options besides ceramics but we'd be happy to help trouble shoot with artists looking for space in the area. We also offer a program called "Artist Nexus" that puts artists (including shy ones!) in touch with other artists.

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