David Posts

Duluth’s Downtown Casino

As someone still fairly new to town, I’m not sure I understand the whole story behind the legalities of the Fond-du-Luth casino downtown.

Is it located on sovereign Indian territory or is the Fond du Lac band just the landlords? Why do we have such an eyesore that encourages anti-social behavior in our downtown at all? Isn’t there some way to make it go away entirely in favor of  say, a museum, or a book store, or affordable housing, or a cafe?

[BTW — I come from a family of origin where the scourge of gambling wreaked havoc. Yeah, yeah, I know people can enjoy gambling and do it responsibly — but can’t we at least leave that out of downtown and off in Nevada or on reservations? (Of course, I don’t think it’s really healthy for reservations either, but if that’s a sovereignty issue I respect that.)]

What’s that thing in Canal Park?

I keep wondering every time I go to Canal Park — what is that structure being built in the northeast corner of Canal Park, just across from the Endion Station building on that construction site over there. Does anyone know?

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