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Map of Duluth Zip Codes

I am having a really hard time finding a decent map of the Duluth zip codes on the internet. Does anyone have a clue of where I can find an image of a map that can be put into a survey report I am writing for my organization? All I can find are the crappy “City-Data” websites and I am not sure if that is the best place or not. I need 55802-55812.

Duluth head shot photographer

Does anyone have any recommendations of where to get a simple professional head shot taken?  I am just looking for a photographer perhaps in downtown Duluth that would do a good job for a fair price.

Event at Leif Erickson Park

Does anyone know about the community event going on at Leif Erickson Park on Sept. 10? I can’t find any info on it right now.

What is the current state of literature?

I am asking all opinions on the state of literature today. Does it exist? Is there a difference between Literature and what most people read today (if they do happen to read).

It makes me sad that many men see reading as a “women’s” activity. Don’t we all appreciate a good story? Why is any novel that has an “Oprah” symbol on it now seen as weak fluff that is not suitable for men to read?

I hate buying books that have the movie cover on the book. Most of the time I have never even heard of a really good book until it is set to come out as a movie. Is that the only way books actually sell?

I am not sure if I will ever own an e-reader but I know I will never give up my books.

Free Outdoor Tennis Courts in Duluth

Does anyone know locations for outdoor tennis courts in Duluth where you don’t have to pay a court fee to play?

Terrible Duluth Public Schools Wikipedia

I am not a Wiki person but I am just putting this out there to those of you who are: check out the Duluth Public Schools Wikipedia Page.  Not only is it outdated and lacks proofreading it is quite salacious and suggests “controversity” (sic) without evidence to support those claims.  I don’t have the knowledge to update the page but would like to see something better out there! 

Click the image to see it at a readable size.

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