Minnesota Point: Protector or Guide?

From the 1950 book This is Duluth, by Dora May Macdonald:

According to rumour, George Sherwood, one of the old-time real estate men, stood on the barren hills one day with an Easterner, expounding on the charms of the village and the advantages to be gained by investing in Duluth real estate. Pointing to the sandy stretch of land curving out into the water, he said, “There lies Minnesota Point. It looks like God’s arm protecting the town of Duluth.”

The Easterner, unimpressed by the rocky hills, sand, or sentiment, replied, “It looks to me more like God’s finger pointing the way out of town.”



about 11 years ago

As long as it doesn't look like God giving the finger to the town of Duluth.


about 11 years ago

I love that quote.

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