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RIP Lew Latto: 1940-2011

It’s being reported that local broadcast legend Lew Latto passed today while preparing for work.

Prince – “Purple and Gold”

Prince doing a traditional fight song. ’nuff said.

Never let a good crisis go to waste…

Hi everyone! Remember me? As a good capitalist, I have decided to take the opportunity of the Love/Hate-Fest between Craig and Starfire to promote the latest episode of the northland’s premier local podcast, DANNY DOES DULUTH. But don’t worry, everyone’s favorite Troll will not make this a regular thing as I promised a year or so ago.

EPISODE 116-Why is a 40 Year Old Doing a Show on College Radio Anyway?
Is there anything better then a good internet feud? It really is great, huh? In this episode we tackle a virtual battle that has heated up significantly over the last week or so. Fun, fun stuff in this full-length show! On today’s episode:
-Anything better then a good internet fight?
-A visit from the 40 Year Old Man Who Wants To Be Called Starfire
-Another edition of Craig’s Corner
-Ashley spazes out


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