Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!

Shot in Bemidji. Starring Owen Kosevich after his first bike ride, with his father Nick behind the camera.

“I feel happy of myself!” Owen says. “Everybody, I know you can believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride a bike! If you don’t you just keep practicing. You will get the hang of it. If you keep practicing you will get the hang of it and then you can get better and better at it as you do it. Thumbs up, everybody, for rock and roll!”



about 13 years ago

Wow, Owen is an awesome kid.  What a precious moment. Thank you for sharing it.  I think I will watch this often just for a total boost.  How in the world can you be down with a motivational speaker like that?!! (no bike needed!!)  We all should try to feel "happy of ourselves" ... it's a good reminder to stop and totally soak it up when you accomplish something you've worked hard for.  Very cool. Keep on riding Owen, you rock!!


about 13 years ago

Nice!  Thanks for posting this, Paul.  Nick (Owen's dad) is a good friend of mine from our younger days and I couldn't believe it when I saw their video had over a million views...awesome!

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Owen has ended up in this Google Chrome ad, at the end.


about 11 years ago

Yes, lots of play during the NFL playoff games. Awesome video.

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