Introducing the Everyday Duluth 2011 photo calendar by Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff

June top collage page from Everyday Duluth Calendar 2011

Hi, Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff here. It’s soon holiday gift-giving season, and also the time of year to get calendars for next year, so it’s time for me to put an official post on Perfect Duluth Day about a personal project I put together to showcase my photography, the Everyday Duluth calendar. (You could say this is a shameless plug.)

Here is the story behind the calendar.

See a link to see a pdf of the calendar Everyday Duluth Calendar 2011 Naomi Yaeger

Three Bridges

The Everyday Duluth Calendar 2011 is eco-friendly and celebrates Duluth’s unique neighborhoods.

Value added
– Printed in Duluth (Many books and calendars are printed overseas)
– Eco-friendly paper
– Eco-friendly plastic sleeves
– Easy to mail, fits in a standard 9 x 12 envelope

Snow at Chester Terrace
Snow at Chester Terrace

Some of you know me as the editor of The Hillsider. I also have a personal blog, which I started in the summer of 2008, Duluth Daily Photo, which are all my own photos taken in Duluth on that actual day. (I’ve started calling it Sundog’s Duluth Daily Photo because there is a contest daily Duluth photo blog started by someone else in the spring of 2009.)

I’m being mentored as an artist to learn business skills to sell my art through the Create program of the Northeast Entrepreneur Fund. My Everyday Duluth 2011 Calendar shows Duluth through a Duluthian’s eyes. It’s what we see, every day, not just the touristy scenes.

See link to see a pdf of the whole calendar Everyday Duluth Calendar 2011 Naomi Yaeger

The cover page

Click here to how you can get your very own Everyday Duluth Calendar 2011. This lists the stores which carry the calendar. I will also have booths at festivals and you can order by the Internet.

The pink and blue houses make us smile.



about 14 years ago

Great calendar, Naomi!  Very nice!


about 14 years ago

I already have mine and I really like it, it'd make a good gift too.

Sun Dog

about 14 years ago

Thanks Ironic1 and Claire.

It's been an adventure learning all the ropes of what goes into getting something professionally printed and then research and work of how to market it.

I flew this post and another possible post past a couple friends. Now I am getting feedback that PDDers might rather hear the "Story Behind the Making of the Everyday Duluth Calendar." I suppose I could post that later.


about 14 years ago

I like that the pics are of the real Duluth, not just the touristy Duluth. Good luck with it Naomi!

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