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Why is water running out of this pipe?

[This post originally contained a photo embedded from another website which no longer exists.]

I know Chester Creek runs UNDER the armory. Why is water running out of this pipe? Is there a stream of water the third floor too? What is the source of this water?

Duluth mansion demolition makes way for big box store

Well, they have begun to tear down the mansion to make way for the mega Walgreens. Some other houses will be torn down, too. See my post The Last Mansion Between Kitchi Gammi Club and 14th Ave. East.

How many U.S. presidents visited Duluth?

Do any history buffs out in cyberland know which U.S. presidents visited Duluth and when? Does anyone have some old photos?

8th Street Video on 9th Street is for sale

I’ve noticed a for sale sign on the 8th Street Video on 9th Street store.  Does anyone know why the owners are selling and what the owner’s plans are?

Also does anyone know the history of how 8th Street Video on 9th Street got its name?

What are the biggest sellers here: movies, ice cream or candy?

Introducing the Everyday Duluth 2011 photo calendar by Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff

June top collage page from Everyday Duluth Calendar 2011

Hi, Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff here. It’s soon holiday gift-giving season, and also the time of year to get calendars for next year, so it’s time for me to put an official post on Perfect Duluth Day about a personal project I put together to showcase my photography, the Everyday Duluth calendar. (You could say this is a shameless plug.)

Here is the story behind the calendar.

See a link to see a pdf of the calendar Everyday Duluth Calendar 2011 Naomi Yaeger