Why is water running out of this pipe?

[This post originally contained a photo embedded from another website which no longer exists.]

I know Chester Creek runs UNDER the armory. Why is water running out of this pipe? Is there a stream of water the third floor too? What is the source of this water?



about 13 years ago

More importantly who are those women and why are they always standing in those windows?


about 13 years ago

These are roof drains that were installed last summer.  They are keeping the building dry until the roof is replaced during the full construction project.


about 13 years ago

...which will happen never.

Wes Scott

about 13 years ago

There's a lot of history there, but I'm not sure if it makes financial sense to make it a usable space again. Somebody donated a million or more I read, correct?

Tony D.

about 13 years ago

Sundog, aren't you the editor of the Budgeteer, a news gathering organization?


about 13 years ago

@Tony D,

Looks to me like that's exactly what she is doing.  How else do you gather news other than by asking questions?

Tony D.

about 13 years ago

I would contact the building's owners and ask them, getting the information from the best, most authoritative information rather than ask random posters of a community blog, no matter how well informed they may be.

No offense, Sun Dog--I was attempting a good-natured jab, but that fails to come across in this type of format.... Hope no feelings were hurt.


about 13 years ago

Hi Tony, of course that would be the best way to get a correct answer, but posting a photo on PDD is just plain fun.

PS. One of my friends commented on my photo blog saying, "I think it's because lady number one wanted a shower."

Tony D.

about 13 years ago

"...but posting a photo on PDD is just plain fun." 



about 13 years ago

Money. Pit.

If they do build (a hotel, similar to the plans that I've seen), Kim Ellerman's gonna lose his lake view.

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