PDD Pronunciation Guide: Vikre

In episode one of Perfect Duluth Day’s Pronunciation Guide series, Emily Vikre, Vikre Distillary co-owner, demonstrates the proper pronunciation of “Vikre.”



about 8 years ago

Next let's settle the Mesab-A/Mesab-EE debate for that road that runs diagonally up the hill from Superior St. to Central Entrance. It's spelled Mesab-A, and some people pronounce it that way, but a lot of other people pronounce it Mesab-EE, presumably because every other instance of this word in the area spells it Mesabi. Some people use both pronunciations, even in the same sentence, which is unforgivable.

I think the city needs to settle on one pronunciation or the other. Perhaps we could determine it by referendum.

Paul Lundgren

about 8 years ago

PDD did tackle the Mesaba/Missabe/Mesabi question about nine months ago, though not phonetically. We'll get the AV crew straight to work on this!

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