August 2010 Posts

A superficial — and less superficial — look at the candidates for Minnesota governor

Setting aside the issues and personal party affiliations for a moment, which candidate for Minnesota Governor has the best website in terms of appearance and functionality?

Farheen Hakeem (Green)
Tom Horner (Independence)
Tom Emmer (Republican)
Mark Dayton (Democratic Farmer Labor)
Ken Pentel (Ecology Democracy)
Linda S. Eno (Resource)
Chris Wright (Grassroots)

As for substance, all the candidates seem to like to provide an “issues” section with a few paragraphs of philosophy about a handful of topics. So far, I’ve only seen two somewhat detailed position papers on the state budget:

Minnesota Works: Horner-Mulder Budget Outline
Mark Dayton’s Deficit Solution

Cell phone advice wanted

I’m thinking of changing cell-phone plans. I currently use AT&T and am wondering about Sprint — calling only, no e-mail or fancy apps needed. Please share your experience.

2010 Slivovitz Festival

Hello again north country friends. Once again my band Black Bear Combo will be returning to Two Harbors this Saturday to provide some of the musical enjoyment for this year’s Slivovitz Festival. August 28, all day long at Earthwood Inn in Two Harbors. For information, call 218-834-3847. I don’t know the lineup or times for the bands, but there are always a bunch, along with food and drinks.

I’ll probably be sticking around Duluth and the Iron Range for a few days visiting, does anyone have any other suggestions for the next couple of days (bands, food, etc.)?

Duluth – Superior Pride starts Sept. 2

Rick Boo, Hot Rod and Hung at the NorShor

(Note: This post originally linked to a slideshow about the NorShor’s history, which is why comments to the post rave about time travel.)

Rowdy Rock Show at Beaner’s

Dirty Horse W/ Bumfilter and Dingus

Monday, Aug. 23, at 7 p.m., Dirty Horse will be sharing the stage with Dingus and Bumfilter, two very rowdy and rockin’ punk bands from Minneapolis. Come out and enjoy some original music!

D/S Pride is coming up soon

Primary Election Sample Ballot for Douglas County, Wisconsin — Sept. 14, 2010

Wisconsin is keeping it old school, with a traditional September primary. Here’s what’s on the ballot:

Dance music in Duluth?

Last night my brother, my good buddy, and I were DJing at Hell Burgers and had a friggin’ blast doing it. I was thinking about the clubs and bars in Duluth, and I was wondering what the DJs there play, if any DJ at all. Do you think that Duluth even has a scene where DJs playing dance/house music is even wanted? I’d like to get a normal thing going at some bar or club to play fresh tracks, but I’m wondering if it’s worth my effort, or if I should just go for Twin Cities gigs?

Input would be gnarly! And thanks to everyone who came out and supported last night!

Duluth is now on the map … in 3-D!

Google Earth 3-D Rendering of Duluth

If you Google “Duluth” and go on the Maps section, there’s a button on the upper right that says Earth. Click that, and you can see a 3-D rending of Duluth including some of the buildings downtown! It’s still a work in progress because this is such a small city, but it’s still very interesting. You might need Google Earth for it to work … I’m not sure exactly. I just found out about this moments ago.

Looking to donate piano


My boss, a local professor, is looking to donate an upright piano to a local classroom, early childhood center, or organization that could get good use out of it. It has not been played in several years, and has a few worn keys as you can see in the photo, but is still in good working condition.

Hot Orpheum Centennial Action

Photos from Thursday night at the NorShor, courtesy of the On 3 Design photo booth.

Marlee’s Caribbean Restaurant in Superior

I drove past a new restaurant today on Tower Avenue in Superior.  According to the Chamber’s website:

Marlee’s Caribbean Restaurant
525 Tower Avenue
Superior, WI 54880
Phone: (715) 392-1279
Fax: (218) 579-2909

Marlee’s Caribbean is a full service restaurant offering Caribbean and Cajun cuisine along with American fare. A full-service bar is included.

My interest is definitely piqued!  Anyone have any more information about actual opening date, sample menus, etc?

Discovery Dock After School Program

Discovery Dock is a drop-off after school program where students will have the opportunity to receive tutoring and educational programming on science topics. Students will also be given time to explore the exhibit floor with each session. Lessons this fall semester will include themed topics consistent with current phenology, astronomy, holidays, and current events.

Place: Great Lakes Aquarium
When: Weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays
Time: 3:30-5:00
Who: Students in 4th-6th Grade
Cost: $5/members and $7.50/non-members
**Minimum of 5 students per session required

Contact for Lindsay Brandt for more information: [email protected] or (218)740-3474 ext. 1027

Paranormal Duluth

Hello! This is my first PDD post. I have lurked on the site reading other’s posts for awhile and have enjoyed the site a ton. So thanks all!

This post is about the paranormal in Duluth. I thought that perhaps with the vast PDD audience I could get some more stories or information on sites that are supposed to be haunted.

I know of the Blue man at the Depot (mainly seen in the Duluth Playhouse Theatre), the supposed haunting of Fairlawn, of Glensheen, and I’ve heard stories about the Nemadji Cemetery in Superior’s East End. Does anyone else have any good spots in the area or stories of ghosts, apparitions, or unusual activity? If so please share.

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