Rick Boo, Hot Rod and Hung at the NorShor

(Note: This post originally linked to a slideshow about the NorShor’s history, which is why comments to the post rave about time travel.)



about 13 years ago

Cool! Thanks Paul and Tony.

Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

That's so cool!


about 13 years ago

Wow. I wish I had a time machine.


about 13 years ago

Thursday evening fundraiser was FABULOUS! I hope the Playhouse hosts more parties like that, it was a blast! Kudoes to everyone involved!


about 13 years ago

Fun and interesting slide show. Wow, even a roller rink - that is new info to me!


about 13 years ago

I was just reading a book, Building and Ornamental Stones of Wisconsin, that cites the brownstone for the Temple Opera House in Duluth (and I'm assuming Opera Block as well) came from the Arcadia Quarry near the Amnicon River.  It is interesting to me how buildings constructed of quarried block have such direct a direct connection with the land and in many cases the identity of the source of materials is known as the quarries often reported on what significant buildings were made from their block.

Tony D.

about 13 years ago

There is a pretty good little book by a gent named Coventry about the brownstone buildings in Duluth. Available at the DPL.

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

The books of which they speak:

The Building and Ornamental Stones of Wisconsin. Ernest Robertson Buckley. 1898, thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin.

Duluth's Age of Brownstone. William D. Coventry. 1987, St. Louis County Historical Society.


about 13 years ago

Cool.  I'll have to check out the Coventry book as well.  I swear, since I've discovered this blog, I learn something new almost every day!


about 13 years ago

Reading bfinstad's comment about the source of the brownstone made me go looking for bit of info about Amnicon area (I recently moved to rural Amnicon). I found a newsletter from the Old Brule Heritage Society (http://www.oldbrule.org/), local group formed in 1998 to preserve and celebrate the history of the area around Amnicon/Brule/Maple, etc. One of their older newsletters (2004) says the quarry is located inside Amnicon River State Park. 

They've published a few local history books: "Wisconsin Far Northwest," for area history, and an even more localized, "Sisu and Sauna: Town of Lakeside History" (history of my new township). 

Thanks, bfinstad, for prompting me to look into my local area history--I'm going to join the Old Brule Heritage Society and also get those books.

Okay, I know, this isn't about the Norshor, or even within the direct purview of a "Perfect DULUTH Day"--sorry for the thread-knapping!


about 13 years ago

Thanks so much for posting the slide show, that was really cool.


about 13 years ago

See what I mean about learning something new every day from this blog!  I was wondering this morning where exactly this quarry was located and within the same day I posted this, now I know.  I'm sorry too if my comments ever take things outside of the boundaries of "Duluth proper."  

I'm 5th generation from the Wisconsin side of the bay, so I just happen to know a lot more about that side of the water.   Because Duluth is a regional center for news, business, health care, etc.,  those in outlying areas feel a connection to Duluth.  I know in rural Douglas County (where I'm from) folks call Duluth and Superior "Up town."    They never say "I'm going to Duluth" or "I'm going to Superior."  They say I'm going "Up town to.... (fill in the blank)."  Only folks in rural Douglas County would get this - even folks within the city limits in Superior tend to not know that is the local rural colloquialism.  (But their colloquialism for us is "Out in the county...." which I didn't realize until moving into Superior after graduating school).

Now that I live in MPLS,  my partner is always amazed at how my sister and I, in one conversation, can refer to "Uptown" (MPLS) or "Up town" (Duluth / Superior) and never get confused about which we are referring to.   I chuckled as I realized that we stress the syllables differently and it completely changes the meaning.  In MPLS, it is UPtown.  And for Duluth / Superior it is upTOWN.  

Anyhow, I've  digressed this conversation even further.  I too apologize if the creator of this blog prefers we not take the conversations to a "regional" level.  If ever my posts or comments are out of the scope of what is appreciated, just let me know.  It's a good point to bring up as I've recently wondered if I'm offending by doing so.

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