What are the FIVE performers you are most excited to see at Homegrown?

They don’t have to be in any order … just list the five performers you are most excited to see!

I’ll go first:
1. Iron Range Outlaw Brigade
2. The Tisdales
3. Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses
4. Filthy Hippy Cock (the name just intrigues the hell outta me! )
5. Eric Rhame

What about YOU?



about 14 years ago

Bone Appetit
Healthy Band Music Club
Fred Tyson
The Little Black Books

I guess I'll check out Those Damn Horses and Filthy Hippy Cock too.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Ian is a wise man. I'll second all of his choices and add these:

High Volt Rustler
Poor Howard
Total Freedom Rock
Bill Meier & Poetry Motel

Those are just from the bands playing Sunday to Tuesday. And yes, I know Southwire and Poetry Motel are opposite each other. I fully intend to be at both places at once.

Budgeteer Reporter Matthew R. Perrine

about 14 years ago

Nice post!

Theft by Swindle
Equal Xchange
Little Black Books


about 14 years ago

Good Colonels
The Moon is Down
Total Freedom Rock


about 14 years ago

Only 5?

1. Ballyhoo!!!! Miss those guys.
2. Tangier 57
3. Fr. Hennepin -- if I can stay up late enough, old fart that I am
4. Tim Kaiser
5. Trampled by Turtles


about 14 years ago

Uptown Boys
Spin Collective
Fred Tyson
Ladies and gentlemen, TODD GREMMELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony D.

about 14 years ago

1. Iron Youth
2. The Pulvermachers
3. Y.R.U.
4. Dead at 17
5. The Scapegoats

And I'll probably check out the Blues Alligations as well.

Oh, sorry--I was looking at the line-up for the 1986 fest, back when Starfire was a teenager in Austin.


about 14 years ago



about 14 years ago

1. Bone Appetit
2. Max Blast, introducing Bone Appetit
3. Kickball shenanigans
4. Little Black Books
5. Seth Gronli


about 14 years ago

1. The Fromundas
2. The Gimme 5
3. The G5
4. Me hawking up a lung after the Fromuncas play, man am I out of shape.
5. Did I mention the Fromundas?

Craig Rhode

about 14 years ago

1. Danecdote
2. Skard Inc.
3. Shattered Grave
4. Jaundice
5. Bury The Sun


about 14 years ago

Awww, cute. Danny made a buddy.


about 14 years ago

1. Freddy Tyson


about 14 years ago

1. Freddy Tyson
2. Cancer Romancer and his Fortune Friends
3. Equal Xchange
4. Jeffery James
5. The Tisdales


about 14 years ago

1. The Keep Aways (natch)
2. Tim Kaiser  a-yup-yup-yup!
3. Bratwurst   oh-yeah
4. The Fontanelles  squishy
5. Blue Water Dance   great name, great group


about 14 years ago

Aww ... Sherman, We WON'T disappoint! Let's cuddle.


about 14 years ago

1. What Sherman said.
2. Anything with Jamie Ness
3. Cars 'N Trucks
4. Anything with Rich Mattson
5. Discovering new bands


about 14 years ago

I'm changing my answers:
1. The Charming Snakes
2. The Oscar Goldman Overthrow Initiative
3. Puddle Wonderful
4. Hot Toddy
5. Low


about 14 years ago

Nope I take that back:
1. Angelique
2. Destiny Starr
3. Trixie Dix
4. Lola
5. Madison Donkeyhumper

The Norshor is one of the venues, right?


about 14 years ago

Yes, the NorShor is a venue.  All fifteen of your picks are playing there.  Simultaneously.


about 14 years ago

Here're my picks (do I get disqualified if I play in a band who will be playing Homegrown--not on my list because that would be self-serving--but who will be cameo performing with one of the bands who IS on my list?:

1) Coal Car Caboose--I needs me some of that rockin' ska horn stuff! I will dance my hind parts off.

2) Mags David's, Sing!: A Women's Chorus--Mags is wonderful and if you want to see local culture in action, go see a bunch of local females singing and rhythming together in interesting ways--I hope they do several of Mags' original compositions!

3) Father Hennepin--isn't this like the ur-band for Homegrown? (Full disclosure, I'm excited to be part of the Tangier Horns guest appearance with this alt. country confection of Starfire, Ted and the other folks of the group--and my buddy from out of town, without prompting from me, pegged this evening at RT Quinlans with the Fromundas and others as the best overall gig of the festival).

4) The Antmen--I know nothing about them, but I loved Adam and the Ants as a novelty act when I was really in high school, and this is a Monday night act, so I say give 'em a gamble.

5) Shana David--anybody who thinks she can single-handedly pull off the Runaways deserves a shot.

Top 5 lists are frakin' difficult. I love living in this interesting town!

Glenn Emery Maloney iii

about 14 years ago

1.  canine heart sounds
2.  A Winter Downpour
3.  Healthy Band Music Club
4.  The Brothers Band
5.  Voyages
6.  The Keep Aways
7.  The Surfactants
8.  The DTs
9. Equal Xchange
10.  Indulge
11. The Film Festival
12.  The Fontanells
13.  Kickball
14.  Hard Feelings & The Hootenannies at the Keep Aways BBQ after kickball.

Wait. . .  What were we s'posed to do again?


about 14 years ago

Fromundas, Bone Appetit, Surfactants, Keepaways, something in a Gremmels flavor. Tony D, if you see a bald guy with a white beard, come up and say hi, I'll buy you a beer.

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