It’s like Homegrown has already started

Homegrown Incubation Party at Hell Burgers
Kathy McTavish at Chester Creek Cafe
Teague Alexy at Carmody
The Good Colonels and Fearless Moral Inventory at Beaner’s
Usual Boomchucks and Fractals madness

Shana David is the Runaways
Ween covers at the Looch
Charity Hout at Carmody
Mynx reunion at Grandma’s Sports Garden

This will be a great start:

And then there’s:
The Freakin’ Gallery Hop
A Goddam Polka Jamboree at the Superior Moose Club
Mark Anderson Trio at Carmody
Bunch o’ Rappers at the Looch
North Shore Trio at Sir Ben’s
550 M.S., Little Black Books and Boomchucks at Quinlan’s
And so on.

Junior Achievement’s Battle of the Bands at the DECC



about 14 years ago

Anyone know anything about the Retribution Gospel Choir show at Leif Erickson Park on May 1st?  Part of Homegrown or no?  Advance tickets?

I used to live a couple blocks from the park, and never saw anything happening on the stage.  I'm excited that it's seeing some action!

Friendly Old Knifey

about 14 years ago

It's free. It's the Respect Your Mother Earth Day Festival. It starts 'round noonish. Great line-up this year. Charity Huot, Aurora Baer, Rory James, Dirty Horse Palomino, Friendly Old Knifey and the Cutthroats, Boomchucks and Retribution Gospel Choir closing the festival right around 6:30 or so.
Not affiliated with Homegrown.

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