P.O.W. David Wheat’s return to Duluth

A tip of the hat to Andrew Krueger at the News Tribune Attic for spotting this Feb. 7, 1973, WDIO-TV broadcast on YouTube. Nice to have you back in the attic, Andrew.

David Wheat, many of you may remember, was a prison mate of John McCain’s in North Vietnam and campaigned for him in 2008.

This video includes cameos by pre-toupée Dennis Anderson and Mayor Ben Boo, among others. An hilarious ad for “Pringle’s Newfangled Potato Chips” is at the end.



about 13 years ago

Ah, the glorious bygone days of neighborhood schools.


about 13 years ago

Wow, we moved to MN from Chicago in July '73, so this happened just a few months earlier. I took my first airline flight back from visiting the Grandparents in Chicago, and remember North Central, and did 2 or three flights through that old terminal. And I don't ever remember Dennis Anderson sans rug or mustache!...Thanks for the nostalgia.


about 13 years ago

I'm struck with how "actuarial" the on the scene movies are. Not over produced like news video these days. Seems like, at that time, 16mm cameras were right in the mix with the police and people. I went to Endion. Love the ZOINKS looks in the Pringles spot.


about 11 years ago

I worked with David in the 1980s at a lumber yard in California.  He is such an awesome guy.  We worked a lot of weekends and on slow days he'd come up to the register and chat with me.  Wish I could find him now.  Want to tell him we think of him often and that my husband is a  Blackhawk pilot and has served in Iraq.  Glad to find this clip!


about 11 years ago

Hi Kay,

Rugg Lumber.

My thanks to your husband and his service to our country.

drwheat1957 @ yahoo.com

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