4/16/10 Luce



about 11 years ago

First Google pays attention to us, now Ween!
What's next!?!


about 11 years ago

maybe whomever stole my copy of this CD at Carlsons will show up and stuff it back in my bag.


about 11 years ago

Not listed on their Web site.  Where'd this beta come from?  http://ween.com/tourdates

the spoiler

about 11 years ago

I'll spoil the joke...Ween is not coming to Luce.  This is another tribute show.


about 11 years ago

no, ween is not coming to pizza luce to perform 12 golden country greats. sorry to disappoint the galaxy. 

but gartband + special guests will be.


about 11 years ago

"If you could save yourself, you'd save us all!"

You guys should stray into some Quebec territory.


about 11 years ago

Piss up a rope.


about 11 years ago

Gartman is a poopie poker.


about 11 years ago

Ha, I was trying to figure out the tour logistics. Atlanta>Duluth>New Orleans?  A chartered jet to play DuLuce seemed unlikely, but I wanted to believe!  I will gladly accept this substitution, if the cover band is billed as Gartman's Weeners.


about 11 years ago

Who will play the role of Cassius Clay?


about 11 years ago

more tribute shows? another night NOT to go out. WEEN kicks YOUR ass.


about 11 years ago

Old Knifey and the Cutthroats will be doing an unspecified number of the greatest country songs of all time, with special appearances by some of your favorite and least favorite Duluth musicians.

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