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Fever Dream – “Think I’m in Love with You”

Presenting the fifth music video from Marc Gartman’s Fever Dream.

Fever Dream — “Infatuation”

Enjoy the fourth Fever Dream video, “Infatuation.”

Enjoy the third Fever Dream video — “Hold On”

Fever Dream – “You’re a Heart Attack”

Fever Dream – “I’m Real”

Enjoy the first Fever Dream video, “I’m Real.”

Marc Gartman’s Fever Dream to release first video on March 28

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Ween … and you?

Hola, PDDers! Some folks and I are going to be performing the whole Ween record Chocolate and Cheese on Friday, Dec. 30 at Pizza Luce here in Duluth. We’re excited!

I am looking for someone that would be interested in documenting the rehearsals leading up to the gig and then the gig itself. I would probably be able to get you a little money for your time but not much. It’d certainly be a plus if you were borderline obsessive about the record.

We get together for a couple hours on Thursday afternoons in the Washington Studios to run the tunes. Hopefully this would be a decent time for you to come video for a bit. We’ve got (gulp) 8 rehearsals scheduled leading up to the gig.

Feel free to leave any contact info in the comments below or you can email me. marcgart(at)hotmail

Coyote at Rhubarb Fest 2011

Coyote at Rhubarb Fest (11th Avenue East and London Road) 1 p.m. set!

Coyote and Healthy Band Music Club

Any sitar players out there?

I’m looking to learn and didn’t know if anyone in the Duluth world here had any suggestions.

For What it’s Worth, part deux

Two Many Banjos – Fatwa

A coupla folks have said some kind things about the Gartband CD Fatwa, so here it is for free for a week or so.

Merry chrimbus!

For what it’s worth

1. The Magnetic Fields – Realism
2. Beach House – Team Dream
3. Charanjit Singh – Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat (reissue)
4. Ted Lucas – Ted Lucas (reissue)
5. Bonnie Prince Billy – Wonder Show Of the World
6. Sun Kil Moon – Admiral Fell Promises
7. Black Prairie – Feast Of The Hunter’s Moon
8. James Blackshaw – All is Falling
9. Band Of Horses – Infinite Arms
10. Sun Araw – On Patrol


Gartman/Carroll Duo at Sir Ben’s Dec. 6

9pm – midnight. Free!

How do you deal with criticism?

I’d really like to hear people’s honest response to how they are affected by the criticism of others.

Heads up! Two Many Banjos at Tom’s Burned Down Cafe, Madeline Island

Friday and Saturday, June 11-12