Grab a beer, it’s on you.

Ten years ago this weekend, music history was made.

Missing promo photos, Homegrown 2003

Missing promo photos, Homegrown 2003

With the likes of Ricky Martin, Lou Bega and Sixpence None The Richer dominating the charts, backlash was inevitable. The world clamored for a band which did not suck; did not dance on stage [at least, with choreography]; and had the good sense to combine the best parts of Guns N’ Roses, the Misfits and Mötley Crüe into one girlfriend-thieving package.

This band, of course, was Bone Appetit.

Originally billed as “Duluth’s Worst Band,” the shirtless antics of Hotrod, fretwork of Richie Gunns and competent drumming of Double Barrel – along with a supporting cast of: The Maestro, Mr. Ten, SuddendEATH, Johnny Heartless, Blade Phillips, Richie Gunns’s dad, Jizzy Young, Frank Nichols, Titty Sixx, Starfire, Three-Time Meier, Beefeater, Max Blast, Alan Sparhawk and whoever else has ever shouted lyrics and/or poured beer on themselves during shows – soon evolved into “Duluth’s Sexiest Band,” and further into DULUTH’S GREATEST BAND EVER.

The band has come a long way: From basement rent parties to selling out 7th Street Entry; from the Reno or Hell tour to getting Michelle Lee to say, “Give me some of that “Burning Love” live during the 6 o’clock news; from a two-track boombox demo to the Eric Swanson-record Love, Lust and Rock ‘n’ Roll; from hooking up with random girls to marrying random groupies; from breaking up to reuniting (X 3); from having two-thirds of Low play with the group to … um, hooking up with random girls.

Over this last decade, Bone Appetit has dominated Duluth music. Without their presence, the Keep Aways, Brain Invaders and Mike Wilson probably wouldn’t have ever hit the stage. [I’m sure the band is deeply apologetic.] Here’s hoping for another 10 years of “the best goddamned band in the world!*”

As per tradition, gifts of tin, aluminum or diamond are appropriate.

*I Do Whatever I Want To,” Bone Appetit, unreleased


Barrett Chase

about 15 years ago

Perhaps not coincidentally, Hotrod will be performing standup comedy next Saturday night, Oct. 17, at Pizza Lucé. I wish I were kidding.

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

Yawners love Yanni.


about 15 years ago

Next post sucks!


about 15 years ago

Hey, wait. Isn't that my photo?

frank nichols

about 15 years ago

Sorry Adam didn't mean to bother you.Looking forward to this Hot Rod


about 15 years ago

Those guys are really territorial about them there stairs. You better be takin' the elevator, son.

greg cougar conley

about 15 years ago

I beat up Bone Appetit soooo maaaany times in high school, those fuckin' burnouts!

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