More on Skyline Parkway

Here are a few excerpts from Duluth’s Skyline Parkway Corridor Management Plan of 2003:

“New buildings should be compatible with surrounding buildings in size and scale and SHOULD NOT BLOCK IMPORTANT VIEWS.”

“Limit residential development where it can damage … IMPORTANT VIEWS.”

“Avoid lakeside (downslope) development whenever possible.”


Todd Gremmels

about 14 years ago

Hey Dave was there not a city council meeting that drew up a city land use provision basing the green space use on percentage of growth? What was that called?

Wasn't Mayor Ness involoved?

I can't remember the name but it was something like Fair Use or Propriatary Land?



about 14 years ago

I would love it if it turns out that house is actually illegal and has to be razed. What a party that would be!


about 14 years ago

I think that the fence should go... at the VERY LEAST

Tony D.

about 14 years ago

Other Tony, I'm afraid that if the house actually is illegal, the city will still let it stand.

The City, Planning Department, DEDA (city council) don't really seem to care what the actual laws of this city say, especially if a developer wants to do something (and not just the current administration; this has gone on for years). A few years back many citizens got involved in the charates (sp?), came up with a comprehensive plan, set aside a historic district to protect historic buildings, etc.--lots of plans for the future. 

Almost none of these have been implemented and certainly not enforced. When A&L wanted to tear down one of those buildings in the historic zone (The Costello), the Planning Commission said OK and DEDA gave the tax incentives to do it (of course, they turned the space into high-end condos, not affordable housing to bring in young people and revitalize downtown). As a designated landmark building, the Old St. Louis County Jail is protected by Duluth City Law and cannot be torn down--but that hasn't stopped the City Council from passing resolutions that essentially allow the county to tear it down.

Maybe I'm feeling especially cynical today, but it seems to me Duluth doesn't really have Democrats/Liberals and Republicans/Conservatives in its elected offices. To me it feels more like we just have selfish Politicians who wear those partisan costumes to get elected.

Dave Sorensen

about 14 years ago

I don't think a management plan = the law, but I still have hope that THE WALL may be torn down, though, not being an attorney, I don't know how that would come about, . I have zero hope about the McMansion going away. So be it.

The Big E

about 14 years ago

Old rule of thumb is that it's often easier to ask forgiveness than to maintain compliance.


about 14 years ago

Personally, I'd like to see more yurts around town. I've been considering purchasing land to build one.

Todd Gremmels

about 14 years ago

Tony, that's what it was, the Comprehensive Plan! That is what all the last elected officials rode in on!

This group took years to put it together and then it was taken apart in short order with the sale of the Park Point land soon after the election.

P.S. if you have money you can pay fines.


about 14 years ago

Yurts are cool.


about 14 years ago

The word is "charette" Duluth had a real treat when all of those people who know what they are talking about came to invest brain and planning power in the city.  But without action it is all just mental floss.

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