First Hubcap of the Year


I live on 24th Avenue West, which gets a lot of traffic. Every year I find a few of these by the side of the street. Any suggestions on good uses for stray hubcaps?



about 9 years ago

Wheatgrass planter.


about 9 years ago

urban armor steel drums UFO fakery turtle nests

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

West End roulette wheel.

The Big E

about 9 years ago

My college roommate and I used to use them to hide the walls.


about 9 years ago

i vote for urban armor...maybe a roasting pan for this thanksgiving's bird?


about 9 years ago

I say start nailing them to your house, and in 4 or 5 years you'll gain a reputation among the neighborhood kids as "crazy hubcab lady."


about 9 years ago

make a cascading water feature.


about 9 years ago

I think you should make a giant clock necklace for your flava-flav costume.

Tim K

about 9 years ago

You could make a waterphone! http://www.waterphone.com/


about 9 years ago

Make 'em into clocks and sell 'em on Ebay?

Professor n'Marion

about 9 years ago

That's no hubcap, that's a portion of the circoleum steel pan unit from the music-o-matic drives on my spaceship--we always disguise our advanced technology as rusty, irrelevant accoutrements to polluting, primitive transportation so you Terrans don't figure out the musical secrets to interstellar travel. Just leave it on your roof--i'll drop in to retrieve it--thanks!


about 9 years ago

Wacky Lawn Art


about 9 years ago

"Detroit sombrero": good for spring hail storms, textile-free days, and general hatlessness.

Yosemite Sam

about 9 years ago

1. Pan for gold in Lester River. 2. Anal shield (a must for any trip to Iowa these days). 3. Lightweight camping toilet. 4. Replacement for the missing hubcap on your shitty car.

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