Found your mini-guitar smashed on the railroad tracks

I found your mini-guitar smashed on the railroad tracks along the St. Louis River at Mud Lake. It had a Perfect Duluth Day sticker on it. Bent Paddle Brewing Company, Earth Rider Beer and the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra were also decorating your little green guitar, along with smiley faces, hearts and what appear to be a set of puckered lips.

Was this a triumphant smashing after a performance for the geese and red-winged blackbirds? Or was the destruction out of frustration or sadness? Did hooligans steal your guitar and leave you wondering until now what became of it?

As a fan of PDD, you are sure to see this post. Or do you just like free stickers?



about 4 years ago

Hmmm ... looks like an objet trouvé / industry plant to me! Unless Mr. Lundgren literally finds only all the cool stuff worth finding ever.

Paul Lundgren

about 4 years ago

Figuratively, I do find all the cool stuff. Literally, I find a bunch of junk.

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