March 2009 Posts

Happy Birthday Old Knifey!


Old Knifey turns 25 tonight.

at the rex. there will be a show in celebration! 8pm.

Yeltzi | two Beat band | Two Song Sunday | Big Country | Old Knifey | Me + Jeramie Olson

Young Goodman Brown – “Runnin’ Down a Dream”

Thought this might be a good day for a little fun since it sucks so bad outside. Here we have the last known video by the band Young Goodmann Brown … doing their version of Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ Down A Dream.” This is it, I have no more video featuring these boys. However, I do have an entire 1991 performance by a great little band called Zen Identity … taped in the spring of 1991 at the Cove Cabaret. Anyone interested in that?

Outside drinkin’ at kozy bar

I live upstairs from that joint & let me tell you you have to wade through the drug dealers & prostitutes just to get in that joint!!

Tis the season

The DNT recently ran a piece relating various reader-submitted stories of April Fools’ Day pranks gone by. Now, with all due respect to those whose stories appeared, I was…  a little underwhelmed. Convincing half of scenic (and credulous) Carrboro, North Carolina (“The Paris of the Piedmont”) that a Hooters was going to take over a defunct restaurant smack in the center of town, by contrast–that was sinister brilliance (I was one of the twits who fell for it, mind you, not the architect).

Can you share any tales of memorable 1 April hijinks past without endangering your latest master plan?

“Just sayin’…” (thanks, Jim)


Duluth Does Cash & Young

Following in the footsteps of the Duluth Does Dylan and the Duluth Does White tribute, Sacred Heart Music Center is putting together a concert to showcase local talent featuring songs by Johnny Cash and Neil Young.

Performers of all genres are encouraged to sign up; klezmer groups, barbershop quartets, jug bands, tuba trios, pan flute players or whatever as well as the the usual guitar strumming suspects. This is to be a (mostly) acoustic show so no Marshall stacks allowed, sorry.

Concert will Thursday May 28 and registration is open until April 17th. Sign up at Duluth Does

Artists chosen to participate will receive a copy of the show recorded by Sacred Heart Studio, free pizza and beer and a stipend.

Diets Suck: There’s a Better Way to Reach Your Perfect Weight

diets-suck-jpeg2There’s a better way to reach your ideal weight.

The key to weight loss isn’t found in a starvation diet or torturing yourself on a treadmill. Believe it or not, you already have it – it’s in your mind. You just need to learn how to use it.

Join us for a six-week course to learn how to balance mind and body to achieve weight loss.

MIND – Kim Luedtke, PhD, will teach you how to upgrade your brain’s food/weight blueprint to break free from the patterns that prevent you from losing weight.

BODY – Katrina Hendrickson, Yoga Instructor, will help you to stretch out and relax. This is gentle stretching for any body. Dress in comfortable clothing.

Thursdays, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., April 9 – May 14

101 W. 2nd St, #301 – Duluth (Carnegie Building)

Tuition for 6 week class – $240 (credit cards accepted)

To register: 218-279-5026 or [email protected]



UMD vs. Miami (Ohio) | NCAA W. Regional final

NCAA West Regional final: UMD vs. Miami (Ohio)

Update: UMD loses its bid for the NCAA Frozen Four in a close game against Miami 2 -1. They almost followed up the Friday night “Miracle at Mariucci” with another come back, but they couldn’t get the equalizer they needed to tie the game.  It was a great playoff run by the Dogs and look forward to great season next year. Now we need to hope the BSU Beavers, yes the Bemidji State Beavers, pull off another upset tomorrow night against Cornell to get into the Frozen Four. BSU upset #1 seed Notre Dame 5 -1 tonight in a great game. It was the first NCAA Division I Tournament win in Bemidji State men’s hockey history. Learn more here

Duluth Arrowhead Volleyball Tourney

Duluth Arrowhead Volleyball Tourney

This year was the 52nd annual Duluth Arrowhead Volleyball Tournament sponsored by Grandma’s on March 21st. This years pool of 92 teams was one of the largest in the long history of the tourney and was played at UMD, CSS, Esko HS and Marshall HS. Special thanks to the Minnesota Volleyball Association for putting together this great tourney! Learn more about the MVA here:

2009 Duluth Arrowhead Results

Men’s AA
1st – Omega Force
2nd – Silverbacks

Men’s A
1st- Shots
2nd – KC Headkickers

Men’s BB
1st – AEI
2nd – Odder & Wiser
Consolation – Terps

Men’s B
1st – Falcons
2nd – Nimrods

Women’s AA
1st – Cool
2nd – Recovering Boozers

Women’s HA
1st – Block Party 1
2nd – Block Party 2

Women’ s LA
1st – Yahtzee
2nd – Ligers
Consolation – That One Team

Women’s BB
1st – Outsiders
2nd – Just One More
Consolation – Thunderbirds

Congratulations to all these teams!

UMD Bulldog Hockey Bootleg Video

This is the only Internet video I can find of the amazing UMD Bulldog hockey victory over Princeton. It includes the final minute of regulation, featuring the tying goal with 0.8 seconds left. (It does not include the game-winning overtime goal.)

Lutsen Mountains: King of the Midwest Hills

Airbourne - New York Times

New York Times story here.

NCAA Playoffs – UMD Bulldogs live stream.

umdDogs play Princeton at Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis.

UPDATE: Bulldogs win 5-4 in OT!

Live GameTracker Online

Live Improv Comedy

Tonight at PeasantWorks Porch above Hell’s Kitchen in Canal Park. 8pm. $5.

A full evening of improv comedy for less than the cost of a movie. And we promise we’re WAY better than that Paul Blart: Mall Cop thing. How soon into that movie do you think someone rhymes his name with “fart” – 10 minutes?

We get to those type of jokes in like two minutes flat.

The ol’ Switcheroo

Perfect Duluth Day moved to a different server today. Let us know if you notice any glitches.

Sorry about all the down time this week. Let’s hope that’s all behind us.

Ian Gillan Band – “Clear Air Turbulence”

“Get in to Duluth!”

Thanks to Dan for the hot tip, related to the “Songs with Duluth in the lyrics or title” post.