Outside drinkin’ at kozy bar

I live upstairs from that joint & let me tell you you have to wade through the drug dealers & prostitutes just to get in that joint!!



about 15 years ago

and you are collecting evidence to have them all arrested?


about 15 years ago

Woah, wait. You expected something different? Were you unaware of the Kozy before you moved in?

Rebecca Hartong

about 15 years ago

I haven't lived in Duluth in 30 years and the Kozy was notorious even then.


about 15 years ago

No offense, but I thought you had to be a prostitute or drug dealer to live there as well.  My bad.

The Big E

about 15 years ago

The only time I've ever been there was when I was doing a temp job doing pharmacy delivery [that sounds more illicit than it was] and was looking for an address that turned out to be the basement apartment adjoining (inhabited by a regular, as it turned out).  Pretty festive atmosphere.

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