Ian Gillan Band – “Clear Air Turbulence”

“Get in to Duluth!”

Thanks to Dan for the hot tip, related to the “Songs with Duluth in the lyrics or title” post.


Dan E.

about 15 years ago

Here's my original note to Paul L. about the Ian Gillan Band song.

I did an interview with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple back in 2001 before a show at the Target Center.  After the interview, Gillan asked me where I was from and I said "Duluth" ... to which he started singing "get in to Duluth, get in to Duluth." I asked him what that was from and he said it was a song from one of his solo albums from the 70s ... and he wrote it about a really rough plane ride that Deep Purple had taken for a gig in Duluth!  Pretty cool huh?

Anyway, the song is called "Clear Air Turbulence" by the Ian Gillan Band.

Here are the lyrics:

Get up
Get right up
Get it up
Up in the sky
White knuckles and blank staring faces
Get a leg up head for them spaces

And confusion
Electric voices
Creating morbid delusions
White knuckles and blank staring faces
Get a leg up head for them spaces

Ten thousand
Astral explorers
Head for the lights
Ace cosmic tours
Caught up in slow races
Motionless jets in turbulent spaces

Smooth blue sky
Feeling high
Turn back the page
Peaceful as a bygone age
Chariot to the sun Safe as a gun
Get in to Duluth

I've got it
Now I'm learning
A million souls
Helplessly returning
To blue dawn before the beginning
Ancient bells are ringing

Tim K

about 15 years ago

I think I went to that concert! The Duluth Arena was so thick with pot smoke, everyone was high!

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