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Trampled by Turtles – Wild Animals – Drops July 15 »

Trampled by Turtles are releasing their new album, Wild Animals, on July 15. The album was produced by Duluth’s own Alan Sparhawk of Low and recorded at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls. Check out the first single, ”Are You Behind the Shining Star?,” below. TBT will be missed at Homegrown this year.


Denfeld Sing-along Drone Video »

Oh, we love the halls of Denfeld
That surround us here today.
And we will not forget,
Though we be near or far away.

2014 Duluth Homegrown Field Guide »

Read the 2014 Duluth Homegrown Field Guide online as a flip-through magazine. Band profiles, full schedule and lots of choice Homegrown deets.

Duluth Homegrown Music Fest Field Guide

2014 Duluth Homegrown Field Guide


Mont Du Lac Ski & Recreation Area »

Mont Du Lac Ski Area

Mont Du Lac Ski Area

I learned to ski at Mont Du Lac with my dad back in the early 1980s. I just came across this picture of the new chalet at the top of the hill and wow! This looks stunning. Apparently it is called the Trophy Lodge. Is it open yet? Has anyone been inside? Is the bar/restaurant open? I’m sure this old news but it sure looks nice. I really need to get back out there and make some turns to check it out. Lots of great memories of skiing with my dad, close calls and goofing off with friends. I remember Ridge Run but wasn’t West and East Bowl called something else back in the day? There also used to be a lift and run off the back side of ridge run.

Mont Du Lac Ski Trail Map

Mont Du Lac Ski Trail Map

Fly Fishing Movie – Rivers of a Lost Coast extended trailer »

If any of you are like me and love the art of fly fishing, this new movie (Rivers of a Lost Coast) may interest you. There is something about grabbing your fly rod and box of flies in search of the illusive North Shore steelhead or casting dries for that beautiful trout on your favorite stream or lake. Fly fishing truly does have a unique way of connecting us to nature as evident in this new film. Tight lines!

At the turn of the 20th Century, a handful of pioneers carried their fly rods into California’s remote north coast and gave birth to a culture that would revolutionize their sport. For a select few, steelhead fly fishing became an obsessive pursuit without compromise.

Rivers of a Lost Coast is a new documentary that looks at our relationship to nature through the eyes of the most fabled angling community in American history. This surprisingly touching film was recently labeled a must see by the San Francisco Chronicle and Seattle Times.

“Superior Dream” Kayaking Adventure Around Lake Superior »

Superior Dream: A Circumnavigation of the world’s largest lake, Lake Superior. Footage from a kayaking expedition by two UMD alumni from Minnesota, Greg Petry and Luca Will, around Lake Superior in late 2010 was made into a movie Superior Dream. The 49-minute movie was released late in 2013 and started shipping in January 2014. We have not found any movie trailer besides the footage clip released back in 2012 and this Kickstarter video below.

2014 John Beargrease Aerial Drone Video »

The PDD Drone was back in the skies yesterday capturing the start of the 30th annual John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. The weather was great and the winds held off just long enough to get in some air time above the race starting line at Duluth East High School.

Music courtesy of the4onthefloor (

Rock your ice beards in Ibanuary: Six wicked ice beards »

Move over Movember and make way for the Ibanuary (Ice Beard January). January is definitely ice beard season and this year is certainly no exception. With the full-on Polar Vortex there is no better time to show off your ice beard awesomeness. Above are six wicked ice beards … well five, and one pretty weak ice beard of mine.

Post your best ice beards in the comments!

Split Rock Lighthouse – Aerial Flyover »

This is the first PDD Drone video, shot at Split Rock Lighthouse on Christmas Day. It was only the fourth flight in the drone’s young career, and we are still in the practice mode of getting smooth flyovers and panning when shooting video. We are improving with each flight and I personally think it is a huge accomplishment that the PDD Drone is not sitting at the bottom of Lake Superior … yet. So enjoy this unique perspective of Split Rock Lighthouse and let us know what you think.

The PDD Drone is a DJI Phantom 2 Vision.

Track Santa’s journey around the world. »

Click Here To View


Watch Proctor Rails in Minnesota State High School Football Tourney »

Proctor’s football team plays St. Croix Lutheran in the AAA semifinal game today at 2 p.m. You can watch live from the Channel 45 internet stream. Good luck Rails!

Watch Tourney Live Now – Click Here

Update: St. Croix Lutheran won the game 3-0, kicking a field goal with six seconds left.

Seven Great Minnesota Fall Color Drives »


Bob Berg wrote a great article in Lake Superior Magazine about “7 Great Fall Drives” to check out the changing colors. Let’s add to the list. What are some of your favorite Minnesota fall color drives in Duluth and along the South and North shores of Lake Superior? You can see the current fall color reports here.

I’ll start with the Temperance River road. The over-hanging canopy acts as a colorful tunnel as you make your way from Highway 61 north. You migth as well hit the Trestle Inn for a beer while your up in that area.

Duluth / North Shore MN Fall Colors 2013 »

The leaves are starting to fall and colors are starting to change in Duluth and along the North Shore.  It is still only between 5 – 25% in the arrowhead, depending on the area, with peak Fall foliage still a few weeks away.  Below is an interactive map showing current color reports from MN state parks in the area. Let us know where you are in the Northland and if you are seeing any great fall colors yet.

Four main groups of biochemicals are responsible for the various yellows, oranges, reds and browns that we see in the fall – chlorophyll, carotenoids, anthocyanins and tannins. Each has its own color and chemistry. Varying amounts of these chemicals will give subtle variations in color from one leaf to the next or even from tree-to-tree.

Where on the North Shore? Boundary Islands, Pigeon Bay Kayaking »

Boundary Islands, Pigeon Bay Kayaking Trip, Grand Portage, MN

North Shore Sighting of the Canada Lynx »

Here is a rare video of the Canada lynx in MN calling at each other near Sawbill lake north of Tofte.

The Canada lynx is a rare wildcat in Minnesota. The main prey of the lynx, the snowshoe hare, has had a diminishing population in Canada, thus resulting in more lynx migrating south into MN. The lynx has large “snowshoe” like feet that enables it to walk on top of deep, soft, snows. Lynx live in dense forests across northern Canada, in northern Minnesota and Maine, and in mountainous areas of northwestern United States.

Bill Hansen of Sawbill Canoe Outfitters near Tofte shot the video.

Minnesota Lynx Sightings

Homegrown Music Fest 2013 – Live Tweets #hgmf13 »

The “official” twitter hashtag of this years Homegrown Music Fest is #hgmf13.  So tweet away!

Homegrown Twitter Feed

Where in the Twin Ports? »

Duluth artist David Bowen Underwater exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts »

Duluth mixed-media artist and associate professor at UMD, David Bowen, has his “Underwater 2013″ exhibit currently on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. This is pretty awesome in my opinion.  What do you think?

“Underwater” is a large-scale suspended installation that is articulated using data from the surface of water. A Microsoft Kinect was used to collect three-dimensional data from wave action on the surface of Lake Superior. This data is used to articulate the mechanical installation consisting of 729 individual servomotors. The complex and subtle movements on the surface of the water are simulated within the installation by the servomotors moving according to the collected data. January through March of 2013, underwater was installed at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts recreating the dynamic water movement from hundreds of miles away.

The Lowertown Line – Trampled by Turtles, hosted by Dessa »

The Lowertown Line - Trampled by Turtles hosted by Dessa
Click here to view photos from the pilot recording.

PDD was lucky enough to be invited to shoot photos for the pilot of the MN Orginal program “The Lowertown Line” at Twins Cities Public Television. The Lowertown Line, is a music special hosted by hip hop artist Dessa and featuring bluegrass band Trampled By Turtles and their special guest, fellow Duluth native Alan Sparhawk of Low. The Lowertown Line‘s five song set and insightful conversation was recorded with a live studio audience.

Watch online:

To view our photos from the pilot click here.

Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener 2012 »


The 2012 Minnesota deer hunting season opened this morning. I report live while in my stand north of Duluth in Kelsey, MN.

Any luck?

What a gorgeous morning. I climbed into my homemade stand in the pitch dark at around 7 a.m., sunrise was 7:57, hunters can legally shoot 30 minutes before sunrise.  (more…)