Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener 2016


Reporting from Kelsy, just west of Cotton. How has everyone done so far? It was crazy warm today and while nice for sitting in a tree it really slowed things down around here for deer movement. But the mosquitoes, wasps and flies were out and that is never a good sign on Nov. 5 in Minnesota. Needless to say no deer for our group yet.

As the first day of the season comes to an end, I watch as the sun slowly falls to the horizon while painting the forest to my east with a soft yellow glow. With the warm weather and clear skies the forest bustles with activity around me. While each minute ticks away the sun falls lower and the forest continues to desaturate in color. I love the afternoon hunt and watching the forest transition from day to night. Knowing the light is fading, your senses are on high alert. The squirrel and grouse behind me seem to make noises so loud you’d swear it’s something 100x its size coming toward you.

The sun is now just barely peaking over the skyline on its way to brighten someone else’s day. The forest is loosing light quickly and your eyes start seeing silhouettes of things, probably tree trunks and long grass. Your excitement still builds as you hear more crunching leaf noises, but the clock is ticking and time is running out. I hear a few popping rifle shots in the distance, I sit scanning for any movement or whitetail flash, but nothing. At 5:40, the sky is golden, forest still plenty bright but void of color, the squirrels are gone and it’s peacefully silent.

At 5:55 mother nature is continuing to dim the lights. I’m packing up for the hike out. The only color remaining is the pink sky to the north. What a perfect night. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow. Good luck and be safe.


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