Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener 2012


The 2012 Minnesota deer hunting season opened this morning. I report live while in my stand north of Duluth in Kelsey. Any luck?

What a gorgeous morning. I climbed into my homemade stand in the pitch dark at around 7 a.m., sunrise was 7:57, hunters can legally shoot 30 minutes before sunrise.  The 15 minute walk through the dark forest with no lights on a trail maintained only by mother nature can be a fun challenge for your senses. I walk briskly, but cautiously, trying to keep my feet light to avoid the seemingly explosive pop of that next twig in my path.  This task even more challenging by the lingering fog I’m still trying to shake from my head from maybe that one or two too many while catching up with lifelong friends last night.


As the forest awoke around me, I sit  high up in my perch like a puppet with the strings controlled by mother nature. I seem to be acutely aware of every sound, swiveling my head and starring into the dark at every snap, crackle and pop I hear.  Looking in the direction of the sound you could swear you see movement, but as the light increases you quickly realize you are just part of her morning amusement.   This is truly one of my favorite moments during deer hunting.

Anyway no deer as of yet for me, but the light snow and zero wind make for a peaceful morning to think about nothing. Just sit and enjoy the sounds of the forest coming to life, only to be periodically reminded of the reason you sit up in this tree by the pop of a rifle in the distance.

Good luck and be safe.



about 11 years ago

I can report no deer seen. 

However, several eagles, grouse, turkeys, and other assorted varmints shared their days with me. 

In addition, time was spent with friends and family; and much thought was put into solving the worlds problems with a few beers around the campfire. 

All in all- I count it a successful hunt.


about 11 years ago

I really like the picture with the view through the scope.

No deer for me either (or anyone in my party). 

I did, however, get to see a wolf (my first) and a coyote.

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