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Ruffed Grouse Tacos

Spicy Grouse Tacos

Grouse are a great alternative to chicken (taste better in my opinion) and we are lucky to live in an region where we have an opportunity to hunt this great game bird each fall. Grouse are challenging to hunt, but if you do get to bag a bird or two, what are your favorite grouse recipes? Grouse tacos are one of mine.

Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener 2016


Reporting from Kelsy, just west of Cotton. How has everyone done so far? It was crazy warm today and while nice for sitting in a tree it really slowed things down around here for deer movement. But the mosquitoes, wasps and flies were out and that is never a good sign on Nov. 5 in Minnesota. Needless to say no deer for our group yet.

Video Archive: Deer hunters outside Chet & Emil’s

This film, circa 1975, was shot by the late Emil Praslowicz in Birnamwood, Wis., and digitized by his grandson, Kip Praslowicz.

Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener 2015

From the stand

No luck yet for me, hunting in Kelsey, but a couple fresh rubs nearby. Anyone else having luck?

You know the feeling. You just sat down on your bucket in your stand, it’s at little after 6 a.m. It’s still dark but you can see a sliver of light starting to climb in the southeastern horizon. Your heart is beating from your walk in and you feel so warm your thinking there is no way it is 28 degrees.

Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener 2012


The 2012 Minnesota deer hunting season opened this morning. I report live while in my stand north of Duluth in Kelsey. Any luck?

What a gorgeous morning. I climbed into my homemade stand in the pitch dark at around 7 a.m., sunrise was 7:57, hunters can legally shoot 30 minutes before sunrise. 

Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener 2011


wpid-20111105_100711.jpgThe 2011 Minnesota deer hunting season is officially open.

I am coming to you from my deer stand in Kelsey, MN. It has been pretty quite morning thus far for our hunting party, but the season is still young.  Hopefully we harvest a few over the next few days.

How have others faired around the northland this season?

Good luck and be safe!

Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener 2010


I come to you from my tree stand near Cotton. Curious how you Northland hunters do this opening weekend 2010.

I harvested a small buck and have seen a few doe. But otherwise pretty quiet, hence the reason I am posting while I try to pass the time. I know it’s ideal to have snow opening weekend but this weather makes it easy to sit up in this tree longer.

Be safe and good luck!

Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener 1907


Good luck this weekend, nimrods!